Why You Should Consider A PR Agency For Healthcare Brands

Healthcare PR and marketing

Why You Should Consider A PR Agency For Healthcare Brands

Healthcare brands are continually walking a precipice in terms of marketing and getting themselves seen, whilst ensuring they remain factually correct. As a PR agency for healthcare brands, we, know that those brands touting miracle properties tend to be the ones that don’t last too long… Who would’ve thought?

At the same time, the healthcare industry is a highly saturated market, whether that be products or services. Whether you’re looking to market supplements, hygiene products, or any other healthcare item, there are very few niches remaining to be carved out. That’s why a PR agency for healthcare brands so often proves vital in kick-starting business success.

What Is A PR Agency For Healthcare Brands?

PR is something of an unknown quantity for many people; it’s one of those things you might well have heard of without knowing what it actually involves. Well, luckily for you – we’re here to explain! PR stands for public relations and if people do have a stab at describing the sector, it tends to focus on the ‘spin’ side of PR; brands being rescued from crises, a PR team looking to salvage situations by putting more positive optics out there. In reality, though, this forms just one branch of the industry.

Day to day, PR involves reaching out to journalists and media professionals on behalf of a brand or business to secure press coverage. This might include articles in magazines, podcast appearances, TV interviews and radio coverage. Increasingly, PR professionals utilise social media and work with influencers to further their client’s product or service, as well. In truth, it’s a huge field.

“Look At Us, We’re Great!” …

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… Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as somebody going “I think you should check out these guys, they’ve got something fantastic to offer!”. Self-promotion is all very well and good but it can only get you so far. Even the best advertising campaigns will always ultimately be met with the caveat by the consumer that “they’re going to say that, though, aren’t they” and that can be hard to get past. It acts as a sort of limiting factor, a plateau in performance. That’s where a PR agency for healthcare brands can come in so handy.

Having reputable print and online publications touting your vitamins’ benefits, or, having a renowned podcast host reviewing your CBD product on their show, then you’ll organically generate leads and build greater brand reputation. Here at VerriBerri, we specialise in securing leads in both trade publications for our clients as well as in mainstream media and tabloids.

PR Helps Your Online Presence, Too

There are so many healthcare products already out there. It can be easy for your healthcare product not to get seen online. There’s no question that marketing your product online is the first choice in today’s retail world. So what to do? Well, if you find that your healthcare product’s website is languishing in the depths of Google where nobody is going, then fear not. There are several things you can do, including SEO work, though that’s a whole other topic, itself.

PR, though, can also boost your website’s overall SEO value. This in turn will lead to your website ranking higher on Google and other search engines. How does it do this, though? Securing leads and articles in online publications gives you the chance to get that website sending through a link to yours (usually at the base of or within the body of an article). These are called backlinks and prove invaluable in boosting your ranking score. Asides from the tangible and obvious benefit of ranking higher (generally speaking, the higher you rank the more likely customers are to frequent your website) backlinks also help build reputation, too.

Whether you secure your leads online or in print, nothing quite builds brand reputation and clout than a well-fleshed out “as featured in” section on your website. Simple to implement and highly effective, sometimes a picture (in this case a logo) can paint a thousand words. Adding prestige and gravitas, an as featured section might just sway the undecided customer towards purchasing your healthcare product. The same can be said for testimonials, though of course these are harder to verify, and consumers know as much.

Securing And Writing

The art of good PR is not just in the securing of leads, though, through pitching and press releases, it’s through the writing of content, too. We appreciate that business owners are usually so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of a company that they’ve not got the time or energy to spend coming up with wordy, well-articulated pieces of writing.

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At a PR agency for healthcare brands like ours, however, our PR executives will work on clients’ behalf in adopting the company tone of voice, and writing content as though they were the company or the client. This enables us to generate coverage across a more numerous range of publications, whilst allowing you to focus on what you know and love – your business.


Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide variety of healthcare companies and clients, including: water brands, medical conference event providers, hygiene product and PPE manufacturers, wellness and sexual health product manufacturers and more! Alongside our healthcare work, we also offer PR in tangential industries too, such as health and fitness and technology!

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Finding that sweet-spot between ‘selling’ your brand and keeping it authentic and, more importantly, factually accurate, is difficult to do. Fortunately, that’s what we like to do more than anything else! Everybody wants to be healthy, and if you’ve got something to help the general public with that? Then we want to help you! So, if you’d like to find out more about out PR agency for healthcare brands, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you! We’ll even provide the biccies!