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PR Agency in Billericay

Our PR agency in Billericay has over ten years operating experience. It’s safe to say that when it comes to PR, we are more than just a safe pair of hands. Without a sound PR strategy, even the best businesses will never live up to their potential. Our extensive contacts and unique approach paired with an award-winning team means we know how to get you seen and seen in the right way. 

All Eyes On You

Every business has a vision, how do you want to be viewed by the world? An exciting PR strategy is the best way to control your company’s image and by continuation its reputation. It’s a rare chance to completely control your brand’s image. Public relations is a term that has negative connotations to many. Perhaps this is due to political spin doctors and cover ups for disasters. However, in reality it is much better to shine a light on what’s worth seeing, than to sweep mistakes under the rug. 

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The general public spend every day being relentlessly sold to, from television adverts to the tube, even public bathrooms, there is no peace to be found. Unsolicited aggressive marketing erodes goodwill in its audience. With scams and get rich quick schemes abundant, scepticism of legitimate business is at an all-time high.  With a solid PR strategy, we can ensure customers come to trust, value, and even love your brand almost as much as you do. 7

Our PR agency in Billericay loves nothing more than to show off what makes your business great.

How Does a PR Strategy Work?

Public relations strategy can take on a near endless amount of forms, from formal press releases, events and newspaper articles to online approaches such as influencer brand deals and sponsored content. 

This embeds your brand with something (or someone-Influencers are people too!) that the audience trusts and actively consumes. The best PR strategy is both effective and emotive. That’s something that our Billericay team are masters of, pulling on both the heart and the purse strings.

The best way to get people to like you and your brand is often to be yourself, demonstrating your expertise and passion. Some of the most successful companies in the world have recognisable heads who have become synonymous with their brands. But carefully managed social media channels are not enough. 

We offer a ‘Personal PR’ service using our media knowledge and contacts to get you (company or individual) out into the public eye and connecting with those that matter most to you. We can manage a crisis should it arise and of course, the bread and butter of a PR agency, secure you exposure in TV, radio, and print outlets. 

Particularly proud of a new product, rebrand or strategy? Let us plan and organise a launch event and really spread the word to those who need to hear it. 

What Makes Great PR?

Like traditional advertising it is important to advertise to the right audience (no point selling men’s shoes in Elle for example) but it is just as vital that your message comes from credible and respected sources. One of the worst things direct advertisements can do is ‘cheapen’ the brand by association with those recognised as distrustful or insincere. Working with a particular outlet, publication or influencer is not just an endorsement for you, but also your brand publicly approving of them.

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As a PR agency near Billericay, we know that great PR campaigns complement your SEO. There is little point in having a great reputation and PR strategy if no-one can find you online.  The best PR content has referral codes and easy to follow links leading directly to the company’s website, generating plenty of traffic. Again, the credibility of your source will boost your standing with visitors using a link from a respected partner making the most impact on Google’s algorithms. 

Great SEO goes hand in hand with great PR, and our Billericay team are masters of both. Make sure your website can handle the increased traffic! 

PR at VerriBerri

 With our dedicated PR and Marketing teams, let VerriBerri handle as much as you like. Whether it be simply asking for advice on strategy or you’re looking for a complete package of strategy and implementation. We offer a tailored service to every client, be they in Billericay or Bangkok.

 Aside from our results and contacts, outsourcing to us and our in-house teams is much more economical for the majority of clients. 

Even the best don’t have a perfect record, which is why at VerriBerri we see any lost leads as new opportunities. With our contacts we can replace any of your leads lost with one even better; this is why we are the only agency, to our knowledge, to guarantee our results. 

For a bespoke proposal call us on 01376 386 850 or get in touch here.