Why You Might Need A PR Agency In Colchester

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Why You Might Need A PR Agency In Colchester

Colchester is one of England’s most historic towns. In fact, it can lay claim to being England’s oldest recorded town as well as being the site of the Roman’s first city in Britain (called Camulodunum). Today, it provides a base for brands to operate both locally, regionally and internationally. With the modern world of business so saturated, however, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading PR agency in Colchester, wanted to look at some of the benefits you could get from utilising PR services.

Build Brand Reputation

Now, we can’t be sure on this one, but if Boudica were around today, we reckon she’d see the sense in using our PR agency in Colchester to build her brand rather than going in, all guns blazing, and destroying Camulodunum. Like, come on Boudica, let’s try some diplomacy here, shall we? Or do you want reams of negative reviews on TrustPilot and Google?

Absolutely awful service. Boudica murdered my family and torched my home. Would not recommend. Steer clear at all costs. Good branding, though, to be fair.”

In seriousness, though, good PR can make a business whilst bad PR can damage it irreversibly. Our PR agency in Colchester works with both local and national publications, mainstream as well as niche, and print as well as online. Any business can sing its own praises. How many times have you seen a product advertise itself as “The BEST” or “Unbeatable Quality”? How many times have you been shopping online and found yourself met with the words exclusivestate-of-the-art and unique? The point, is that as consumers we’re becoming numb to it. When those words are being used by the brands themselves they just don’t land in the way they once might’ve. They wash over us. But what if you hear those words from someone else?

Publications Prick Up Ears

If you’ve got a renowned journalist or publication touting your brand as the next big thing, you’re naturally going to take more notice than if that brand attempted to convince you so. We place an inherent trust in these publications that’s much harder to win over by advertising alone.

Build Back Better

Dealing with social media backlash with a crisis management team

Has your brand been subject to damaging criticism or a reputational attack? Using PR services is one of the best ways in which to recoup some of that lost reputation. Our PR agency in Colchester is experienced with crisis management and strategy, and has worked on salvaging reputations across a range of industries and sectors. We believe that being proactive is key and in cancelling out negative noise with positive news.

Brands that shy away from perceived criticisms, complaints or poor press look as though there’s something to hide. Answering up to critics, acknowledging if mistakes have been made and showing feedback has been taken on board is an essential job and our PR firm can help oversee these processes.

Build Your Online Presence

Accruing ‘backlinks’ is a crucial part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. In other words, the more quality publications you have linking through to your website, the better your website will perform overall. You’ll rank higher, get seen more and therefore convert more traffic. What’s not to like? Our PR agency in Colchester is blessed in having its own in-house SEO department working closely with our PR executives. This enables us to analyse web data and formulate PR strategies not only driven by theory and experience, but driven by data, as well.

Unlock New & Unexplored Avenues

Sometimes, all it takes is a sounding board off which to bounce your ideas. Your brand might have been pottering along nicely for the past ten years, doing well but not necessarily innovating or growing in the way that it could. Through brainstorming, strategy and ideation meetings, we’re able to provide new and fresh ideas, explore avenues that you might not have considered and, just as importantly, give your brand the confidence to go for such new campaign ideas.

Our PR agency in Colchester is there to facilitate your ideas – not hold them back! If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, as a business owner, “if only I could do X”, then trust us when we say that you’ll be likely much more able to implement said ideas with the help of a PR team by your brand’s side.

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Don’t miss out on Colchester’s ideal situation; with easy access to London audiences as well as national, your business already has a good foundation. Why not layer some top-notch PR over that, as well? So, if you’d like to find out more about our work as a PR agency in Colchester, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, why don’t you fill out one of our online enquiry forms?