PR Agency Near Billericay: Why You Need A Public Relations Strategy

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PR Agency Near Billericay: Why You Need A Public Relations Strategy

As a PR agency near Billericay, we have seen first-hand just how huge of an impact that media relations can have on businesses, if well managed. Like all marketing, PR offers the perfect platform for your brand to gain valuable exposure. Getting your strategy in line now will help you to solidify a successful future for your company. 

At VerriBerri, we are elites when it comes to public relations. We have over 12 years of experience helping clients implement an effective strategy, resulting in amazing results. Our team is built out of creative and dedicated individuals, passionate about helping companies succeed. If you are after an elite PR agency near Billericay, you have certainly come to the right place.  

What is a Public Relations Strategy?

Most individuals have heard of PR, however, not many people know how it works or why they need it. Before delving too deep into the realms of PR, these are two things you definitely need to be clear on.

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Starting simple, public relations are a way for businesses to maintain a positive image between themselves and their audience. In other words, PR is a way of managing public perception. The process involves managing the release of information about your organisation and creating materials that shine a positive light on your brand. This may be in the form of a press release, an article in a newspaper or an influencer campaign. Really, your options are endless. A PR strategy allows you to set out a plan for what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there

Establishing Brand Recognition

Improved visibility is never a bad thing and when it comes to PR, exposure is exactly what you get. 

Public relations targets sources with an already established audience. Mainstream publications, influencers and podcasts, for example, will all have their own loyal followers. When you are mentioned by said source, you are exposed to these mass audiences. Of course, this leads to more people becoming familiar with your business. One of the biggest advantages of PR is that it allows you to establish better brand recognition. 

Improved Brand Image

We all know that your brand image has a huge impact on a consumers purchasing decision. An individual not only needs to like your product but also, feel connected to your brand. 

Media relations is all about sharing a story that is both emotive, and highly relevant. If you achieve both of these things, people will listen to what you have to say. Further, PR is a great place to showcase your skillset and your knowledge of the topic at hand. These all contribute to an improved and strengthened brand image. Public relations gives you a platform to add a personal touch, but also to establish your brand as credible too.

Strengthening Your Other Marketing Efforts

Most marketing solutions intertwine themselves with one another in some way. Just like website design and SEO go hand in hand, PR will help you to strengthen other areas of your strategy too.

Something that many people overlook, or aren’t aware of, is PR’s particular impact on how a website ranks. When you appear in digital publications, this generates a back link. When these come from a trusted source, such as a mainstream press outlet, this adds to your credibility. The more high-quality links you gain, the more Google value your content.

In addition, PR in itself will help drive more traffic to both your website and social media channels. Providing your social media is well executed, this extra attention could result in an increased following. Moreover, the more people that land on your website, the higher your sales.

Our PR Guarantee

Both journalists and influencers can sometimes be tricky to work with and this may mean that occasionally, leads are lost. Typically, most PR agencies will write these off and they are rarely replaced. For you as the client, this means that you miss out. 

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At our PR agency near Billericay, we always strive to deliver a high-quality service. This is hopefully demonstrated through our numerous glowing testimonials and our multi-award-winning status. We would never want our clients to feel dissatisfied with our work. Not only is this demotivating for you, but it also demotivates the team. So that we can ensure we maintain our amazing service, we offer a guarantee to all of our PR clients. This means that should an opportunity fall through; we promise to replace this lead with an even better one! 

Case Study

Most businesses promise the Earth, however, what really matters, is if they can deliver. We could sit here and tell you all day that we are great at what we do, but you need to see this first-hand. With this in mind, we thought it may be helpful to give mention to one of our many successful campaigns.

A few years ago, a large property construction and maintenance company approached us with the end goal of brand recognition. Without a shadow of a doubt, we knew that they needed PR. 

In just 6 weeks, the PR department were able to secure some amazing opportunities that would give the company the boost they needed. We began with writing a comprehensive strategy, carefully considering the needs of the business. We were then able to attract a lot of local media attention, including two full-page articles. These were published in an outlet with a readership of over 26,000 people. Off the back of this, we also went on to secure an article in a newspaper with an audience of 130,000 and a BBC interview. 

Contact Our PR Agency Near Billericay

If PR is something you are interested in exploring further, why not contact our specialists? We would love the opportunity to discuss your strategy and how we can help you implement it. Afterall, that is what we do best!

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