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PR Agency near Romford

Our PR agency near Romford is dedicated to helping businesses grow and flourish. After a tough 2020, we know the toll this has taken on many brands, us included. It is for this reason exactly, that we are passionate about going above and beyond in helping businesses get back on track. 

Our skilled team have over 12 years of experience helping companies achieve better visibility for their brand. Our list of clients, both current and past, is extensive and covers a wide variety of different industries. No matter whether you work in construction, financial technology or even hospitality, our team can help you!

What Is PR and What Are My Options?

Public relations (PR) are all about establishing, nurturing and maintaining a positive public image for your company. This method of marketing utilises existing sources and aims to bring you closer to your audience. The biggest benefits of public relations include new business, improved reputation and brand awareness. All in all, the entire process can be extremely lucrative, if well strategized. 

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As time goes on, the PR landscape is always changing. New trends are constantly coming into play and with this, experts have had to evolve the way they work. Once, PR took a very traditional approach by utilising sources such as print media for articles and press releases. With digital technology also developing each day, your options as a business are far broader. 

At our PR agency near Romford, we can offer a number of different approaches to your communications. The sources we most commonly use include:

  • Publications (Both print and digital)
  • Influencers (Influencer Marketing)
  • TV
  • Podcasts
  • Radio  

In addition to the above, our team are also highly skilled in crisis management. This involves keeping negative news stories away from your brand and managing the fallout of poor press. If needed, we can also observe your upcoming campaigns and assess them for weaknesses, helping you to avoid issues from arising. 

Adopting Thought Leadership

For those of you who do not know, thought leadership is all about creating your own ideas. When applied to PR, this involves sharing stories that are specific to your company. The concept behind these articles should be original and unique to you.

Realistically, nobody wants to read the same thing over and over. Similarly, nobody wants to feel disconnected. If your company aren’t authentic and personal, individuals are likely to begin associating negative connotations with your company. 

The thought leadership approach portrays your brand in the best light. Sharing insights into your business allows you to humanise your company. Now more than ever, people want to feel connected, and this includes feeling close to the brands they love. Further, with so many illegitimate businesses out there, the general public are far more wary of who they trust. Thought leadership allows you to highlight your professionalism, creating a better sense of credibility.

Implementing News-Hijacking 

News-hijacking is another approach some companies choose to take with their PR. Well-established publications have huge audiences and lots of people are interested in what they have to say. Naturally, this means that their news stories gain a lot of attention.

News hijacking involves taking these popular news stories and sharing your comments on the matter. The focus is on tapping into the interest that has already been generated and directing this at your company. News-hijacking can be incredibly successful, if your comments are relevant. 

Which Is Better?

Within PR practise, thought leadership is always the preferred approach to campaigns. The main reason for this is the control element. When it comes to news hijacking, you have very little say over when these opportunities will arise. This route is very much reactive. Meanwhile, thought leadership involves creating a story and being proactive.

Another downfall of news hijacking is the time element. We live in a very disposable society and news stories do not stay current for long. You have very little time to comment once a publication has shared an article and this can be very demanding.

Overall, thought leadership is most definitely the more ideal road to take and is certainly the approach our PR agency near Romford adopts. This is simply because it offers far more in terms of long-term strategy. Marketing and PR offer the perfect platform to build your character and it is vital you cease this opportunity.

What Makes VerriBerri Authentic?

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At VerriBerri, we always strive to be authentic. What’s more, we always aim to please. With journalists being so inconsistent, leads are sometimes unfortunately lost, and this is at no fault of your PR team. For example, a publicist may choose to take a story in a different direction, and this cannot be helped. Where we aim to be different is in our approach to replacing leads. Typically, other PR firms will write these off. When you work with us, your investment is secured by our guarantee. 

Having operated in the PR field for over a decade, our team have built invaluable relationships within the industry. We have high-quality connections across all areas of PR, including journalists and influencers. Having constructed ourselves a trusted name, we are now often approached directly by publications with opportunities for our clients. This has proven extremely plentiful for the brands we work with.

Contact Our PR Agency Near Romford

If PR is something you are looking to add to your strategy, bringing a team on board to help is always advised. We can gain you valuable exposure opportunities with no direct costs to you. Approaching these sources directly, however, can and will become costly.

If our PR agency near Romford sounds like a good fit for you, why not get in touch? All of the strategies we build for our clients are completely bespoke, tailored to your every need. What’s more, as an integrated firm, we can also offer support in your other marketing ventures. To contact a member of our elite team, call us on 01376 386 850 or click here!