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PR and marketing agency in Chelmsford Essex

When it comes to marketing, for businesses both large and small; stakeholders will find themselves having the age-old discussion; “do we instruct a PR and marketing agency or do we employee inhouse?”

In today’s digital age, it is well-documented that companies simply can’t afford not to have some form of marketing strategy in place. This is in order to keep up with their competition and stand out from the crowd. That being said, in these uncertain and unprecedented times, companies are understandably cautious about their financial outlays and making the right decision for their business right now is critical.

Here we outline the reasons why instructing a PR and marketing agency could be the right fit for your business:

A team of experts

Most businesses will assign marketing tasks, such as the upkeep of company social media accounts and writing press releases, to an inhouse employee. Generally, this role is secondary to their current position. Due to their existing workload, these tasks may not be prioritised. Even when employing an additional member of staff to manage your company’s marketing it can be difficult. This is because there are many different threads to an effective strategy. As such, one inhouse employee is often required to be a jack of all trades but rarely becomes a master of one!

When you work with a PR and marketing agency; for the cost of one member of staff’s annual salary, you have the luxury of a team of experts at your disposal. A team whose experience can be used to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns and are dedicated to its constant improvement. Additionally, the benefit of a having a professional, third-party perspective on your PR and marketing plans cannot be underestimated. You may have many campaign ideas that you want to action but an experienced PR and marketing agency will be able to advise on how best to implement these plans to suit your industry and target audience.

A truly integrated service 

Similarly to expecting all marketing knowledge to come from one employee; when working with many PR and marketing agencies, it is rare that they are able to offer every service you require and this is why VerriBerri is truly unique. 

We are the only truly integrated PR and marketing agency in Essex. Our team is split into four key areas: PR, Content/Social Media, Design and Events. We all work under one roof too so communication is seamless! 

Essex Marketing agency team members

This eradicates the need to spend hours scouring the internet for an SEO expert  and a separate social media specialist. There is no need to search for the perfect PR company to partner with and then fretting that you also need a freelance designer for other projects. One of the many benefits of working with an agency like ours is that you can receive a fantastic service for all of these marketing mediums in one place! 

This means you’ll only need to make one monthly payment and receive one report. You’ll only need to attend one monthly meeting to discuss your company’s marketing and PR; making for a streamlined and stress-free experience.

Avoid additional expenses

While companies are keeping such a keen eye on their finances; it is important that any marketing and PR spend is manageable and maintainable. When hiring inhouse, there may be many additional expenditures that occur throughout an employee’s career that come at a cost to your business. Whether that’s sick leave, having to purchase additional software, computers or ongoing training. Not to mention any wage increases over time.

When working alongside an external PR and marketing agency, you pay one regular fee to receive a fully comprehensive service. This is all from a fully-qualified team without the worry and hassle of unexpected outgoings.

You don’t have to compromise

You may already have marketing support in some form or another; whether that’s with an existing marketing manager inhouse or an existing agency. However, in many cases, as businesses expand and your need changes, you may require a full suite of marketing services in order to garner the most effective results. Which begs the question, “does the inhouse or agency debate always have to be an either/or conversation?”

We aim to make marketing accessible and affordable. Our team have become an integral part of existing teams many a time. We do this by adding our knowledge and expertise into the mix to help support inhouse marketing managers when they need to expand. This ultimately lessens their workload, makes companies’ marketing efforts more efficient, and is a viable way to integrate an agency into your company and reap the rewards! 

It’s all in the timing

So, you’ve read about the benefits of instructing a PR and marketing agency but when should you act? 

We always advocate a continuous approach to your marketing, whatever your spend. Marketing your business consistently on a modest budget is far better than doing nothing at all! However, below are some key indicators it may be time to consider changing your approach and enlisting some help:

  • If sales/enquiries are stagnating and you’re unsure how to get out of the rut.
  • Business is booming and you want to maintain this level of customer interest.
  • You’ve been unable to meet the targets and aims you set for the business.

Contact us

Whether we are providing marketing materials, managing an event or creating your social media posts, our multi-award-winning team are flexible in their approach. We work with the client to ensure their goals are met within budget. We are proud of our consistent approach.

If you think instructing a PR and marketing agency is the next step for your business; drop us an email or give us a call for a friendly chat. We offer a no obligation proposal so that you can see what’s possible on your budget and make an informed decision!