PR for Children.

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PR for Children.

The sheer volume of companies who handle PR for children is growing and showing no sign of slowing down. We all know marketing is important and the truth is if parents have spare money who do they spend it on? The kids! There is very little any of us can do to avoid some form of contact with marketing now. The question we raise is, in a world where marketing and PR is used so heavily in our day to day lives, is there a cut-off point where we should keep the onslaught away from our children, or should the focus remain solely on the adults?

As a nation, we cannot and will not escape the pressure that adverts force into our faces. TV, radio, billboards, online, and offline, we simply cannot avoid it. As responsible adults, we can gauge if the product, or service, is something we want to research further into. However, young children (and let’s be honest even teens) rarely possess the ability to filter the information in front of them. As a result, if companies are abusing this, do we consider it to be clever marketing or taking advantage of an easily influenced audience?

Some will argue that marketing for children is vital for businesses.

With life getting busier and parents rushing around, juggling all their commitments, they are often unaware of the vast scale of toys, products, and services are available to their children. The method of informing the child might well be the easier way to advertise; purely so that the minor can then approach and inform their parents about it. Is there a counter argument where marketing is not the issue and parents simply need to be stronger and not bend to their children’s begging?

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Parents and guardians are the ones that will ultimately make any choices involving their little ones. If they want to invest in a product for their child, surely, they can make that decision themselves? Children are in the moment; they don’t tend to understand the difference between a want and a need. Furthermore, the value of money is certainly not something they are aware of.

The argument could go back and forth for some time so is there a solution.

At VerriBerri we take PR for children very seriously and our aim is to make sure that your product is delivered in the best way possible to the ones that matter the most. We believe in quality and this means that reaching out to children and parents alike should be a simple process of communication. Our message is transparent and clear, the world of marketing and PR for children should be undertaken responsibly.

The amount of money in the UK that is generated through kids’ brands is astronomical. For example, children aged between 0-5 have plenty of money invested into them, purely due to the need of a new item of clothing every few months! Although parental involvement through purchasing decisions declines over time, the attention to children’s brands is still high. As such, PR aimed specifically at this market is a necessity.

Seasonal PR for Children. 

With school holidays commencing on a regular basis, so begins a minimum of a week-long spending spree with your children. Taking kids to various entertainment venues or on shopping trips can have quite damaging effects on your wallet. However, from a business’ point of view, this is a perfect opportunity to target your brand to the younger demographic. Inevitably this will attract the parent’s attention if what you are offering is valuable and affordable. 

Kids PR is necessary

It’s all well and good attracting children and parents to your brand. However, converting attention to purchase is trickier. One of our award-winning services may be useful for you. It just so happens that we offer this to a very high standard. It is, of course, PR for children. 

VerriBerri’s kids’ PR.

At VerriBerri we have a wealth of experience handling PR for children. Don’t think it is ‘just PR’ just with a different label. There are plenty of aspects of kids’ PR that will make your children-focussed brand stand out from the rest. This will of course make you more profitable.

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Purpose built positioning strategy. Concerning kids’ PR, VerriBerri ensure your brand will be positioned not just in the mind of the consumer (children) but also their parents. This ensures that parents will also be on board with your business offering, which will convert to a purchase.

Suitable media publications. VerriBerri’s extensive list of journalist contacts guarantees that your children’s brand will appear in appropriate and relevant PR channels. There’s no use promoting children’s toys in a men’s fitness mag!

Our extensive PR experience for multiple kids’ brands will enable your brand to receive heightened exposure. Get in touch with the expert team here at VerriBerri, today to see how we can help you into 2022 and beyond.