PR for personal trainers

Personal trainer fitness PR

PR for personal trainers

PR for personal trainers

The fitness market is hugely saturated and competitive, especially with the movement towards wellbeing and health in recent years. This can make it very difficult to find new clients and show them what you’re all about. This can be trying for personal trainers working on their own, looking to get their name out there and be seen. 

One of the best ways to showcase your expertise, passion and commitment is by getting others to talk about you. This is where PR for personal trainers is very effective but can be difficult to navigate on your own. We’re here to help. 

Who are we? 

We are an Essex based PR and marketing company who work with fitness brands to promote their business. We let your target audience know about all the amazing things you’re doing. Whether it’s seasoned body builders or someone looking to lose a couple of pounds, we know the best way to reach them. 

Our PR team work alongside journalists, writers and bloggers across all industries to secure features on National, local and specialist outlets. They use their connections to showcase you and your brand in front of the right people and publications. 

Guaranteed results 

One of the amazing things about our team that we like to shout about is that we can guarantee results. We are completely transparent when it comes to leads that we’re pursuing and will always guarantee you a minimum number of leads in every quarter. 

We are the only agency, to our knowledge that do this, but we are confident in our ability to achieve and know how valuable assurance as a business owner is. 

We’re an in-house team who can offer a whole range of services across every aspect of your business. This means whether it’s building a social media following, inviting local press to your event or getting you topping the google rankings for your service, we can communicate internally and work things out more efficiently. 

Online PR

The world is digital, and consumers are all online. There are endless ways to reach people through the internet, with constant streams of information and updates being sent straight to your potential customers through their devices. This is where you need to be if you want to be seen. 

As the face of the business, online PR for personal trainers would usually be centred around you as the expert, giving advice to readers. Especially within fitness, everyone is looking for tips, tricks and advice on what is best for their goal. For example, with titles such as ‘10 ways to keep motivated for your at home workout’, you would share advice that you would give to clients. You’re adding value to the readers. They can see that you know your stuff and may want to get in touch.  

Offline PR

News articles, announcements and features in print are a more traditional way of communicating. However, it is still valuable PR for personal trainers. There have been studies that show consumers have a far longer attention span when it comes to reading something in print, as opposed to multitasking with articles on screen. This means that offline features may not reach as many people, but it will grab their attention for longer. 

There are millions who people who still pick up a newspaper and read it on their commute. Equally, a lot of businesses will have industry magazine subscriptions sent to their offices; which is putting you right in front of your corporate audience, who want to de-stress and get fit out of work. 

Social media as part of PR

Marketing strategies rarely only feature one method. There will usually be a combination of social media, blogs and PR for personal trainers, at the very minimum. This is because, whilst individually very effective, campaigns that run parallel on different platforms can make them even stronger.

Not only does this enable you to reach more people but it also shows consistency in your strategy. This is another benefit of our in-house team, all working across different elements of your business promotion as it lets us work together and run your campaign seamlessly. 

 Events as part of PR

The clue is in the name for PT’s. Iit is all about being personal and meeting people face to face. You and your passion is what makes the brand and people will buy into you. One of the best ways to push this in PR for personal trainers is through events. Whether this is you attending another organised event such as performing the warm-up for a local run for example; or hosting your own event, such as a group workout in your studio. 

This is great for pushing your brand locally; getting your audience in front of you to chat and also, word of mouth after the event. It’s always good to be seen doing something in and for the community. 

Crisis management

As a business, there is bound to be bumps in the road and problems along the way. Quite often, a crisis may arise, whether avoidable or not. However, the key to not letting a crisis, no matter the size, be detrimental to your business is with crisis management. This can be done through PR for personal trainers as it is a way of regaining trust. One of the best ways to avert a crisis is to tackle it head on, recognising the issue and putting a strategy in place to limit damage. 

One of the ways of achieving this is by shouting about all of the positive work you do and highlight all of the good in the company. A good way of thinking about this is with product reviews. One bad review amongst a hundred positive will probably put you off. Flooding the press with positive news and work surrounding your brand will get your brand on the road to recovery. 

If you are looking to put a face to the names, please click here to see our team. If you’re a personal trainer that needs some PR feel free to get in touch at [email protected] To find out more about PR agency for personal trainers click here.