PR Strategy: Spreading a Clear Message

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PR Strategy: Spreading a Clear Message

At VerriBerri, we are experts when it comes to creating a well-rounded PR strategy. Over the last 12 years, we have helped hundreds of different businesses to communicate better with their audience. Within our portfolio is a real mix of small start-ups and multinational conglomerates from all over the world. It’s safe to say that our knowledge is extensive. Quite frankly, there is no project we can’t take on.

Our team are divided into multiple departments covering each area of marketing. In addition to PR, we can also help you with…

What Is PR?

When people hear the words ‘public relations’, their minds often go straight to press. Whilst this is still a huge part of PR today, this technique has developed enormously through the years. In addition to articles within publications, PR also includes:

PR is a great way to have control over how the public perceive your brand. What’s more, implementation of this technique is highly effective when it comes to bridging the gap between you and the general public. 

What to Consider When Building a PR Strategy

A PR strategy is almost like a plan of action, designed to keep everyone on the right track. Without it, your team have no direction. With it, you allow your workforce to achieve great things. With this in mind, it’s no doubt you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t fret! Below, our team have put together a few pointers to remind you of what you need to be considering…

Sticking By Your Brand Values

When producing your strategy, it’s important that you ensure this aligns with everything your brand is about. For example, if you are thinking of utilising press, you need to think about which type of publication may be the most lucrative. Similarly, if you are thinking of launching an influencer marketing campaign, you need to make sure you are getting the right people to represent your brand. Take time to consider your values and beliefs as an organisation too. 

Your Audience

Most businesses believe they have a good understanding of their audience, but how up to date is your knowledge? It’s good practise to carry out new consumer research before starting any new project. This way, there is no room for error.

Now you know who you’re targeting, think about where they spend most of their time. For example, an OAP may read The Sun, but would they share the same interest with Cosmopolitan magazine? Most likely, no.

Forming SMART Goals

Every good strategy comes with SMART goals. If you’re unfamiliar, this anagram stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based – attributes that should always be considered when setting a target. This model is designed to help businesses set well-rounded objectives.

How to monitor marketing activity

Without an end goal, it’s likely your team are going to become demotivated. Nobody likes not knowing what they’re working towards. By ensuring this area of your plan is as detailed as possible, everyone will remain on the same page. What’s more, this will be helpful when it comes to measuring your results too. This is a key step in every campaign as it allows you to identify if and when changes to your approach need to be made.

Assessing The Competition

Finally, you need to be assessing the efforts of your competitors. Believe it or not, there is a lot to be learnt from those around you. Take a look at what others in your industry are doing. What is working well for them and what has gone wrong previously? It is important, however, that you still inject some originality into the project.

Still Struggling?

Getting your PR strategy spot on can be tough, especially when your knowledge is limited. As communications specialists, we are able to give you direction, ensuring your plan of action is as strong as it can be. From here, we can get to work implementing this on your behalf. At VerriBerri, we put the customer at the forefront of everything we do, meaning we always have your best interests at heart. We will help you to construct a robust strategy designed to achieve amazing results. 

Case Study

We know that the work we do is of high quality, but don’t just take our word for it. To build your faith in us as an agency, we wanted to draw your attention to a particular case study we’re proud of. 

Recently, a trained hypnotist approached our team initially looking for press coverage. The aim was to put them on the map, boost their credibility and generate more leads. The starting point for us consisted of some market and consumer research. From here, we were able to pinpoint who we needed to target – females aged 25-50. With their audience being so broad, we knew this would be no easy feat. 

Pr and marketing agency

Originally, the target we set with the client was to secure 6 leads per quarter. Being as determined as we are, however, the PR team went on to generate 25 leads in total. Within this figure were articles in both The Daily Mirror and Forbes. What’s more, our coverage then went on to encourage mentions in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Grazia. This just goes to show that with a both a good PR strategy and strong team of experts behind you, anything is possible. 

Contact Our Elite Team

Let’s not beat around the bush, exposure can be incredibly difficult to source without existing contacts. At VerriBerri, we put a lot of time into network nurturing, giving our clients access to exclusive opportunities. If you’re serious about building a strong PR strategy, it may be time you consider outsourcing this task to the professionals. 

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