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How To Effectively Market Your Company According To Our Property Developers’ Marketing Agency

With such a wealth of property cropping up all over the country, the property industry is more competitive than ever before. This competition has brought with it a corresponding need for marketing in order to stand out. There’s a vast difference between good and poor marketing, however. Enlisting the help of a property developers’ marketing agency and securing good marketing will serve you in good stead. Shoddy marketing, on the other hand, may cause you more damage than it does good. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading marketing firm in Essex, wanted to talk through some of the top marketing strategies for property developers that are out there.

What Is SEO And Why Should You Care About It?

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Nowadays, when people are looking into purchasing or renting a property, the first place they turn is online. They don’t look to brochures or through an estate agent’s window in anywhere near the same way that they used to. This, then, brings with it a new condition should you want to be successful as a property developer. You need to be seen online. What’s the good in having a wonderful new property development if nobody knows about it?

Most people don’t scroll much further than the first ten results on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Fewer still will scroll past the next twenty, or fifty, even. So, if your website is languishing around the 100th position mark, you just won’t be seen. That’s why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is so important. It’s the means by which you boost your website further up the rankings. It can be carried out in two major ways, back-end work and blogging.

Back-end optimisation revolves around working on the website in various ways, fine-tuning it so that it has better SEO value. This includes compressing image sizes, writing more SEO-friendly meta descriptions and indexing your website in a more intuitive way. Weekly blogs are the other SEO strategy. Blogs not only give you the opportunity to show off authority and expertise, they allow you to place the keywords you want to rank for within your copy. The best strategy combines both these avenues into one overarching SEO strategy. Here at our property developers’ marketing agency, we have a team of content creators and SEO specialists dedicated solely to this kind of work.

Building Connections And Reaching Out

For property developers, most social media platforms serve a rather superficial purpose. They’re good to have if people search your name to help bolster your trustworthiness and reputation. Beyond that, however, they’re not going to massively help you reach out and secure new customers. That is, of course, until you factor in LinkedIn. The ultimate networking tool, a LinkedIn marketing strategy can help you reach out to industry professionals and customers, alike. By reaching out, forging connections and building a following, you can position yourself as a market leader. Any content that is posted on your website can also automatically be shared onto your LinkedIn feed, which further cements that desirable image of industry authority.


Property is one of those industries where reputability counts for a lot. If your property development ticks all the boxes, people will automatically think it’s too good to be true. What’s the catch? Is it located on a floodplain? Will it fall apart at the first sniff of a breeze? No matter how hard you try as a property developer, this consumer scepticism can be hard to shake. Mainly because people are weary of anything advertorial; marketing yourself can come across as disingenuous, because of course you’re going to say your development is the best.

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This is where PR can prove such a boon. It helps you shift from selling yourself, to other people selling you, and that’s a big change. Securing article exposure in magazines will get people’s attention, of that you can be sure. Having an industry-leading publication singing your development’s praises will do untold good to your sales. Here at our property developers’ marketing agency, we have a team of dedicated PR executives who work exclusively on securing such coverage.

The benefits of PR are two-fold in that you can target both industry ‘B2B’ publications, and also more mainstream ‘B2C’ publications, as well. B2B coverage ensures that you gain the respect of other industry firms and companies, in turn presenting networking opportunities. Whilst B2C publications, on the other hand, grant you a large audience of people who may be looking to buy or rent a home.

A Collective Whole

All of the disciplines listed above are effective in securing return on investment for a property developer. When put together, however, they form a much stronger whole. A strategy which comprises all these different avenues will prove much more successful than one which does not. Here at our property developers’ marketing agency, we’ve the added benefit that all our team work from under the same roof. This makes for easier and more effective collaboration, as well as vastly enhanced efficiency. If you think of any successful brand’s marketing campaigns from time gone by, they all share one thing in common. They targeted the audience from many different angles. They leave customers no choice but to notice your brand, appearing whichever way you turn and look.

One Final Thought…

Know your demographic. We cannot stress this enough. You need to be entirely sure of your target audience so that you can tailor your marketing strategy appropriately. There’s no point in launching a social media campaign as your focus for a new retirement estate, for example. A broad, multi-faceted approach should not be confused with a shotgun approach. You can still be smart and targeted just because you’re approaching your target audience in different ways.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our property developers’ marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d be very interested to set up a meeting and hear what you have to offer!