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Here’s What A Property Developers’ Marketing Agency Believes You Should Be Focusing On

When everything is so shiny and new; it can be tough to pick out what you should really be focusing on when it comes to your marketing. As a developer, you’re understandably going to want to show it all off, down to every last miniscule mod-con. Bombarding people with information will prove detrimental to your marketing successes. You need to discern what it is that sets your estate apart from others.

After all, there are so many developments popping up across the nation; that getting ahead of the competition has never proved so important. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading property developers’ marketing agency, has compiled a list of the areas you should look to promote more than any other in order to achieve success and sales.

Clean Living

We’re living in as environmentally conscious an era as we ever have. The wonderful work of activists; both young and old alike (read: Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough) has prompted outrage, debate and, most importantly, action. Bearing this in mind, many people looking to buy a property want to know that it has green credentials.

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It not only lets them know that they’re doing their bit; but they also want to save on energy bills, wherever possible, and more energy-efficient properties provide this opportunity. So, if, for example, your development’s properties come with an energy-efficient boiler as standard, then make the most of it! Features like these may not offer the glitz and glam that traditional property marketing would’ve focused on, but it’s what people want to see.

You can extend this commitment to the environment beyond the properties, themselves. Many new-build houses have an energy-efficient feature of one sort or another, however very few will go any further. What we mean by this is in the marketing itself. Physical brochures are staples of any development; they provide an interactive and exclusive feel to customers whilst also showcasing the properties on offer. How about making these brochures out of recycled paper? What about going paperless altogether and offering a digital brochure? If you’re seen to be making the effort, then in the subconscious of the buyer you’ll invariably come across as a greener company – because you are!

Location, Location, Location

You can have the best new-build estate in the world; but if it isn’t close to any infrastructural or transport links, then it isn’t going to be very appealing. People will often opt for a slightly smaller house that has a more appealing situation; than the dream home in the middle of nowhere. So, if you’ve got good schools nearby, easy commuter links, a motorway nearby (but not so near that it’s in sight or earshot) and simple access to retail estates; then you need to be showcasing this.

Here at our property developers’ marketing agency, we believe the best way to show off these locale-based features is through graphic design marketing. Our team of graphic designers conjure up infographics that you can implement into your brochure that are more impactful and engaging than simply listing bullet points. If you offer a virtual brochure, then these virtual graphics can be made even more interactive to incorporate moving features to really show off, for example, just how close your estate is to London.

A Different Kind Of Green

Do the properties within your new estate come with green space as standard? Do they have killer gardens perfect for entertaining youngsters and adults alike? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have potential buyers coming at you left, right and centre in no time. What’s the best way to market these green spaces? Social media is a pretty good way of going about it. As a property developer, you should be looking to utilise social media platforms as part of your marketing (if you haven’t already). They offer you a much wider audience whilst still offering targeted, location-specific marketing. These platforms offer you the opportunity to curate content and put out images of your gardens/outdoor spaces that shows them off in the best possible light. Also, it just gives you a nice opportunity to get out in the sun and take some photos!

Don’t Skimp On The Specs

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Now whilst we’re all for showing off the most attractive parts of your home, we’re by no means advocating that you don’t have an extensive detailing of the technical specifications and the nuts and bolts of your properties. It’s very much a balance between style and substance. Too much focus on the more aesthetic extras and people will be sceptical about your development credentials. Too dry, on the other hand, and people simply won’t be interested enough to warrant further investigation.

The best answer, or at least the one that we’re fans of here at our property developers’ marketing agency, is to display the technical specs in as sleek and professional a way as possible. Find slightly more attractive ways of displaying them within your brochure (again, infographics, for example) whilst still coming across in a reputable, professional and trustworthymanner. Don’t claim to reinvent the wheel if you haven’t, just maximise what you have got and follow the guidance we’ve touched upon.

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What we’ve mentioned above is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a list of the factors that crop up time and time again when people are asked about what’s important to them in a home today. Many of the new-build estates being built up are fairly similar, therefore you need to optimise your marketing. If you leave it to chance, the chances are you’ll fade away into obscurity. So, if you’d like to find out more about our property developers’ marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to see what your new property development has to offer, and how we can help with moving it forward!