UK Property Marketing Agency


UK Property Marketing Agency

Property developments continue to spring up nationwide, meaning the need for a property marketing agency is sky-high. As the years pass, new homes are more and more sought after and property developers have worked hard to offer homebuyers some fantastic opportunities. This has meant, however, that a great deal of competition has arisen amongst developers.

To ensure your new property development stands out from the rest, marketing it properly is essential. This is where VerriBerri comes in! By simply investing in the services of a specialist agency, you will be granted access to a plethora of marketing opportunities.

This includes – but is not limited to – social media upkeep, PPC advertising and organic copywriting; all of which can help you overshadow the competition. Keep reading to discover how the experts at VerriBerri can bolster your property development.

Using Social Media To Your Advantage

Despite often functioning as hate-filled echo chambers, fuelled by arguments, misinformation, and trolls; social media does have its uses. In fact, it stands as one of the best possible ways in which to market a brand – or in a property developers case – their development. Why is this, we hear you ask? Because social media is staggeringly, inconceivably huge.

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With reports stating that around 3.5 billion people across the globe use some form of social media, choosing not to tap into it would be a devastating mistake. You essentially have half of the global population at your fingertips! Admittedly, a property developer won’t need to reach anywhere close to that many people, but a property marketing agency will have no trouble in helping you engage with your target audience, by creating bespoke content catering to each of your social media accounts. 

Should your target audience lean heavily towards career climbers, hoping to get a foot firmly on the property ladder, social media marketing can be particularly profitable. Younger generations generally spend a great deal more time on social media than older folk and will appreciate a well-presented account. On the other hand, a poorly contrived social media presence – lacking themes, consistency and any semblance of engagement – will do absolutely nothing to draw in enquiries about your development. 

Encouraging Traffic With PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is frequently neglected by many small businesses, simply due to a wanting budget. Larger businesses, however – including property developers – are more likely to be able to comfortably invest in a monthly advertising budget. Simply put, if you can, you should. Google has even stated that for every $1 businesses invest in Google Ads, $2 is earned. You can’t turn your nose up at a 100% return! 

PPC advertising comes in various forms. By committing to a property marketing agency, you will be blessed with a team of PPC specialists. At VerriBerri, we can help you make the most of your budget. We are experts at bidding on the right Google keywords, creating ads in-house and tweaking campaigns where necessary. This is to optimise for best performance. Should your budget allow for it, you can direct a significant amount of traffic towards your company. How might you ask? Through by setting up Google ad campaigns!

Generating Hype

Some good press can really help your development to take off, but bad press can sink it with ease. Concerns typically crop up in the local community when a new property development is announced. This could centre around anything from worries regarding a lack of local infrastructure and environmental issues to complaints over a ruined aesthetic. Regardless of the nature of the concerns, winning people over is essential.

A team like VerriBerri will have its very own PR team, ready at your service. They will be able to carefully and tastefully mitigate any potential crises and work hard to bolster your image. This happens through the development of pitches, which are sent out to any relevant contacts that can provide editorial coverage. If your budget allows for it, a PR team can also create a large digital PR campaign for you. Both options will do much to paint your development in a positive light.

The immense database of journalists, editors and trade professionals to which an agency’s PR department will have access is enough reason to commit to PR alone! Along with this, however, you will also gain the established rapport the PR team have with countless contacts. What more, you will have access to professional expertise in gathering as many press opportunities as possible. It’s very unlikely you will secure any coverage in prominent publications without the prior connections found in a PR team.

Organic Growth

PPC advertising can certainly offer quick results, but the value of these results will still be dependant on your budget. As you might expect, the more you spend, the more you will get out of it. Consider organic growth through SEO, however… This long-term approach is much more sustainable without the worry of big spending. 

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Considering what we previously said about half of the planet being on social media, it’s no surprise that most people are likely to find out about your development online. To increase the chances of this happening, you will need to rank as highly as possible on SERPs (search engine result pages) for local property developments. If you can’t manage this, your development will flop. But what’s the best way for a property marketing agency to ensure you’re able to climb Google’s ranks? Lots and lots of consistent SEO work, of course!

What more?

One of the most reliable forms of rank-climbing SEO work is writing blogs. This isn’t as simple as it might sound, however. For one, these blogs must be incredibly frequent. More frequent than most businesses could bear to churn out internally. Not only this, but they must also be artfully peppered with keyword phrases that you want to find your business ranking highly for. 

Amongst this blog writing and keyword placing is a further need for an agency’s content team to stay on top of any algorithm changes Google implements. These regular changes dictate what Google perceives to be quality content. Recently, it would seem that Google values longer, more detailed content more and more, and video content, too. As we’re sure you can imagine, this level of SEO work – whilst incredibly important – is mind-numbingly time-consuming. An agency is best-placed to assist with this whilst your property development ploughs on, full steam ahead. 

Whilst undeniably exciting, the property sector is a savagely competitive place. To simply survive is far from thriving, but utilising the help of a property marketing agency can help you bridge that gap! Call VerriBerri on 01376 386850 or click here to reach us directly to find out more about how we can help your property development thrive.