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Property Marketing Agency

Here at VerriBerri, we are a forward-thinking property marketing agency. We work around the clock to ensure each of our clients are receiving the most from their strategy, evolving this as we go. With over 12 years of experience aiding hundreds of different companies, there are no limits to what we can achieve for your business. Whether you are looking for better visibility, a boost in your revenue or an improved brand image, we can help!

Marketing vs Advertising – Which Is the Elite? 

There are many that fall into the trap of thinking that marketing and advertising are the same thing. With their end goal of customer acquisition being so similar, it is easy for the lines between the techniques to become blurred. In actual fact, the two processes couldn’t be more different if they tried. 

When people see an ad, they know they are being sold too. This is the biggest difference between both concepts. Meanwhile, marketing aims to take a more subtle approach. This process focusses on building a relationship between a business and their consumers rather than making a hard sale. 

In our opinion, marketing is the true superior, but don’t just take our word for it! Let’s take a look at the numbers… 

  1. Between 70-80% of all internet users will ignore ads on the search engine results page (SERP.) 
  2. Reportedly, 527 million individuals utilise default ad blockers when searching on mobile browsers. 
  3. In 2020, UK advertising expenditure was down by 7.2% from the previous year. 
  4. Most individuals (91%) believe ads are more intrusive than they were 3 years ago. 
  5. 82% of people will close a web page if there is an auto playing video ad. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

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The end goal of SEO, like all marketing, is to improve the discoverability of your website. This is done by making certain modifications to better satisfy search engine algorithms. An algorithm is a list of criteria that the likes of Google will use to determine how helpful your website is. The stronger your SEO value, the higher you will rank for certain key terms. As you can imagine, search engine optimisation can be an extremely lucrative digital marketing technique. 

Where companies are sometimes put off, however, is in the indirect costs associated with search engine optimisation. We won’t lie to you. In order to get the most out of your digital marketing, you are going to need a professional team, because SEO can be difficult to understand. What we can promise, however, is that the ROI will most certainly be worth it, so you should consider contacting a marketing agency. 

Event Management 

Within the world of property, events are extremely popular. You may be thinking of hosting an open evening or maybe you are planning your next public consultation. Either way, these occasions are a critical part of your operation. 

When it comes to hosting an event, there are lots of different things to consider and actually, this process can be quite overwhelming. As restrictions begin to ease, our property marketing agency is eager to get back to planning. What’s more, we can help by taking a weight off your shoulders. We will ensure that all bases are covered. From securing the right venue, all the way through to inviting the correct people. 

Social Media Marketing 

A huge proportion (39%) of the world’s population actively use social media each day. This amounts to a total of 2.89 billion individuals worldwide. With these figures in mind, businesses simply cannot afford to avoid utilising these platforms. 

As a property marketing agency, it is our job to create and distribute meaningful social media content on behalf of your business. From here, we will continue to monitor your analytics, adapting our strategy as we go. As a result, our efforts will aid you in growing your following and boosting your engagement, and will aid you in establishing better brand recognition along the way. 

Public Relations 

As a property company, there is a lot to be gained from implementing an effective communications strategy. This process is all about bridging the gap between you and your consumers and helping to manage public perception. PR will help you to combat any controversy, protecting your image. 

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At VerriBerri, it is our job to seek opportunities for your brand. These range from getting you featured in big name publications, right the way through to radio appearances. The world is your oyster. From here, our team will help manage these leads, generating the relevant materials as we go. What’s more, we can also help you manage crisis, should you find yourself in hot water. 

Supporting Your Marketing with Graphic Design 

Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for businesses. However, your strategy is only going to be successful if you lay the relevant foundations before getting started. 

One of the easiest ways to support your strategy is through your branding. Elements such as your logo, name, tagline and key colours need to remain consistent throughout your marketing materials, hence this is what makes your company distinguishable and recognisable. If, however, your image is dated, this could have a negative effect on your results. 

The success of your marketing also heavily depends on your website structure. Marketing methods such as SEO, PR and social media may drive more footfall to your site, but these clicks still need to be converted. When someone is visiting your website, you need to make sure their experience is the best it can be. This means ensuring this platform is aesthetic, professional and easy to navigate. 

Whether you are in need of a rebrand, graphics or website development, our design team are always available to help! 

Contact Our Property Marketing Agency 

Marketing is no picnic in the park and requires real dedication, time and knowledge to get right. If we are being honest, the entire process can be daunting for someone with limited knowledge of the landscape. In fact, this is often why so many businesses around the world outsource this task to professionals. 

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