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What Are The Benefits Of A Public Relations Company?

Without a shadow of a doubt; one of the best things a brand can do is secure coverage in leading magazines and newspapers. Exposure in these sorts of publications get people’s heads turning, and your brand will gain far greater levels of traction and attention. One of the reasons these pieces are so beneficial, whether they’re thought pieces or interviews, is that they’re not advertorial.

You don’t feel like you’re aggressively being sold something. Wanting such features is one thing, however, successfully obtaining them? Well, that’s quite another. The best way of accruing these kinds of articles is by using a PR company. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading public relations company in Essex; wanted to look at some of the main benefits a brand can experience from utilising PR.

Brand Legitimacy

One of the things that PR does best for a brand is, ironically, one of the least tangible metrics. By appearing in a national newspaper, for example, you automatically bolster your brand’s reputability ten-fold. It’s one thing you singing your own praises; but if a well-regarded journalist is penning a piece on your brand of their own volition? That right there is good optics. Let us not forget that, at the end of the day, PR is all about how your brand is perceived by the public. Whether that perception is in a corporate B2B setting, or a more consumer-driven B2C setting, that core fact doesn’t change.

How you come across as a brand is imperative in today’s business world, given how chock-full it is with competition. These articles act as a great differentiator, therefore, and help separate the wheat (your brand) from the chaff, so to speak. Our public relations company targets both B2B and B2C outlets. We have found that this trait, brand authority, is as important (if not more so) than anything else.

Consistency In A Brand’s Tone Of Voice

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It is drilled into PR executives from very early on to always keep a brand’s tone of voice consistent. If in one article you come across in one way, and in another your brand conveys a completely different stance on, let’s say a social issue, then the one can undermine the other, and that credence which those initial publication appearances bring with them, is wiped out in an instant. With a PR team behind your brand, you can rest assured that not just the quality but the tone of your brand will be kept on an even keel for so long as they work for you. This, in turn, helps build a more solid overall brand. It helps convey brand values which, to you may seem obvious, may not have been so clear previously to the public.

If those values are continually focused upon, then they will start to be seen as synonymous with your brand. Brand building is an often-neglected attribute of a public relations company, because people focus so much on the features, themselves. But it’s by no means any less important. In the long-term, a strong brand image is absolutely crucial for a business to succeed and grow.

Tangential Benefits – SEO

The world of SEO is murky and mysterious, and Google often seems to move in ways which mere mortals cannot understand. One thing that’s known for certain, however, is that backlinks form a very valuable part of any SEO strategy. That’s to say, if you have online news outlets, for example, placing a link to your website in their article, your website is more likely, in turn, to rank higher on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Many people thing marketing, SEO and PR are entirely separate entities, but the reality is that they’re all intricately connected. When one is performing well, it’s often the case that the others will be doing so as well.

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of this holistic strategy-making. A public relations company can often prove the missing jigsaw piece for a brand in its quest to grow bigger. Without PR, it’s hard to build trust. Without PR, you’ll find your SEO value is sub-optimal and without PR, your brand invariably lacks consistency.

Other Benefits – Crisis Management

As we’ve established, PR is all about getting your brand presenting itself in the best possible light, and having it received by the public in a similarly positive manner. This extends beyond solely featuring in industry-leading magazines, however. There are times in any brand’s life cycle when things go slightly awry. Any brand that’s told you otherwise isn’t telling the truth, nobody is perfect and regardless of the scale of the mistake, they do happen.

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In an ideal world, these happen internally and a brand can rectify the situation without the public need knowing about it. Sometimes, however, these mistakes are outward-facing and your reputation may be called into question. In moments like these, having a PR team experienced in crisis management can prove a real boon to your company. For a start, these teams act as a kind of breaker switch, preventing you from fuelling a fire with knee-jerk responses, driven by emotion and not reason. Moreover, what seems like a disaster to you will most likely have been seen a hundred times before by a PR team, and they’ll easily be able to rectify the situation for you. Your brand will probably take a slight hit, reputation-wise, but nothing that can’t be relatively easily rebuilt in the immediate future.

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Though we may be biased, we believe that PR teams are the unsung heroes of many a brand; trust us when we say that their efforts on your brand’s behalf will be tireless. So, if you’d like to find out more about our public relations company, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’ll set up a meeting, and put the feelers out to find out what sort of exposure you want your brand to be receiving! If you’re ready to take the next step, then let us know!