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Public Relations Company Essex- Our Take On PR In Today’s World

Never has PR been more important. It’s a big claim but it’s one I’ll stick by. We live in an era of fake news, a highly charged discourse; a world in which there is no middle ground; where people are determined to bring each other down no matter what the cost. Toxicity pervades every facet of the Internet and yet. We’re seeing great humanity, acts of kindness, and overwhelming goodness. But more often than not, we don’t get to hear about the good and we’re left with nothing but the doom and gloom.

How, then, can we go about reconciling these two vastly different states? How can we look to shift the imbalance and bring about more of those good news stories? Through PR. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading public relations company in Essex, wanted to go into why the role of PR has never been so important.

Eliminate Those Eggshells

Many brands feel scared to step out from the shadows of today’s competitive and snarky business world for fear of falling off the tightrope and into the jaws of hungry sharks. Instead, they choose to remain passive; overly eager to avoid making mistakes, to the point where they no longer push for growth. It is the job of PR teams across the globe to be unapologetically confident. They will take your brand, hand in hand, and forge a path ahead for your brand to follow, gaining coverage and having their confidence rub off as they do so.

Public relations Agency Essex

Nobody in the business world has any more of a right to sit within it than anyone else, no matter how loud their bark is. A PR team enables brands (and it tends to be the quieter brands that have the most worthwhile messages to say) to ‘fake it until they make it’, so to speak. At our public relations company, we’ve worked with many clients who hadn’t previously had the confidence to push the boat out despite the quality of product they had to offer.

Cut Through The Fakery

There are some industries more than others which have lost the trust of the public in recent times. Even more generally, the overarching feeling in society is one of distrust towards brands and marketing. The age of influencers and vapid, exploitative marketing has most certainly taken its toll on society’s ability to so easily trust. But what if you are a genuine company? What if you’re a business intent on offering a product or service that will objectively better people’s lives? There are still many businesses out there for whom money isn’t so much the driving factor as is making a positive impact. This is where PR is so crucial.

PR executives think in abstract, lateral ways and can come up with campaigns that convey the genuine tone of your business, something that most companies struggle to do. Most companies that attempt to come across as sincere do exactly the opposite. But with a public relations company you can together come up with a long-term, concerted effort to gain the trust of the public, the trust you’re deserving of.

A Broader Approach

Traditionally, PR was used to secure coverage in articles in magazines and newspapers. Whilst this certainly remains the mainstay of a public relations company, 2020 is a decade that’s going to see PR teams branch out a lot more than they would’ve done, previously. What does this mean in practice, though? Well, it means engaging in more indirect means of PR. One of the frustrations with PR is that it’s always been a hard discipline to place quantifiable metrics onto. After all, what price can you place on exposure? And frustrating though it may be, we believe that PR will engage in more activities which return ‘indefinable’ value.

Community work, charitable collaborations and networking opportunities are just some examples of the sorts of work that brands can expect to receive from PR teams in the near future. The main reasons for this, asides from just being a good and decent thing to do, is that it builds your brand a solid and armoured foundation. Further to that, you can expect to see longer-term strategies involving multiple campaigns and more ambitious thinking. Of course, agencies will still provide one-off campaigns but the real value to be gained is from utilising bigger-picture thinking. The longer you build a relationship with a PR agency (and an agency with a client) the better they will understand your brand. Just like with a slow-cooked dish, the longer you can leave it, the better the results will be.

PR Is No Longer An Independent Discipline

The real PR powerhouses acknowledge that in today’s world, stubbornness and failure to collaborate will lead to diminished returns. The smart PR teams know that to succeed, they must work in tandem with social media teams, with content creators and with graphic designers to get the most out of their own targets. PR agencies used to hold themselves distinct from marketing agencies, but there’s simply no place for this kind of exclusivity anymore. Regardless of anything else, it’s detrimental to a PR agency’s own interests. That’s why, in recent times, there’s been a greater number of agencies emerging who offer both marketing and PR. Funnily enough, it is these agencies that are tending to perform more successfully than those exclusive to one discipline or another.

The world of PR isn’t what it once was, it’s much, much more. PR teams build confidence, relationships and campaigns. They offer support and strength in good times and bad. Still, however, more important than anything else, they offer results. So, if you’d like to find out more about our public relations company, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit, chat and discuss how we could craft a positive path for your business in the future.