Why you need a Public Relations Specialist

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Why you need a Public Relations Specialist

VerriBerri are proud to say that we are an award-winning public relations specialist. Our close-knit team consists of multi-skilled and passionate individuals with a real speciality in PR. We help our clients grow through quality media exposure, no matter what industry you work in. 

What is PR?

Firstly, we should explain what PR is. PR stands for public relations. It is a way for businesses to build connections with their audience and outside sources. The aim of PR is to nurture those connections into exposure for greater brand awareness and visibility. It is all about growing (or maintaining) your reputation; whilst pushing your brand in the right direction. 

Types of PR

There are a few types of PR that you can utilise for your business. The introduction of digital technology in recent years has had a massive impact on the types of PR available. 

Why you need a PR specialist 

The main benefit to using a public relations specialist is the exposure you can gain for your brand. PR puts you directly in front of an already established target audience. Utilising sources with similar demographics to yours will establish you as a brand whilst reaching the right people. Research shows that the fastest growing companies spend 10% of their turnover on marketing and PR. Why? Because when you work with people who truly understand PR, the ROI is high. 

Using an PR agency can help to put you in front of an already established set of existing connections. Our agency have built up relationships with publications and outlets for over 12 years, so you can be assured that VerriBerri can secure exposure in appropriate publications for your business.

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PR is also about forming a connection with your audience. People want to know they can trust you and portraying your brand alongside an emotive narrative will do this. This also humanises your business and adds a personal touch that potential and existing customers will feel like they can relate to. From this, you can expect to see repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Brand reputation and awareness

Good PR can make a business whilst bad PR can damage your reputation forever. Having a public relations specialist on your side can be beneficial in many ways but the main reason it exists is to manage brand awareness. As consumers, we are constantly looking for new things. We are more likely to buy a product or a service if someone else, a trustworthy source, tells us to. We place trust in publications that have become household names over the years. Using PR can get your name in these publications and ensure people are talking about your business. 

Recover reputational attack 

If your brand has been subject to a reputation-based attack, you can use a public relations specialist to gain back any lost ground and regain the trust of your consumer base. The PR experts here at VerriBerri are highly experienced in crisis management and have worked to save damaged reputations across a multitude of industries. People form an impression within the first seven seconds of encountering a brand, so it is vital the first imprint consumers have of your business is a good one, not one that has been tarnished. 


Sometimes, the right coverage is all you need! Getting your brand in front of the right audience can help secure your brands position in the market and get your name out there. Our USP is that we are the only public relations specialist in the whole of the UK that offers a guarantee on our client’s exposure. Journalists can be difficult to work with sometimes and the world of PR can be unpredictable. We have worked with so many brands over the years who have constantly praised not just the exposure we secure, but the peace of mind we give whilst doing it. If we lose an opportunity, we replace the lost coverage with an equal opportunity. 

Backlinks are something you may not think relates to PR; but you could not be more wrong. They are strongly related to SEO (search engine optimisation) and can be achieved through PR. A backlink from a quality publication, linking to your website, is going to increase the authority of your site. This will also enhance the sites performance, boosting your Google ranking. In turn, you will be able to create more organic traffic to your website. Our in-house SEO team work closely with the PR specialists to analyse web data and formulate strategies that work for you.

Why choose VerriBerri?

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We have over a decade of experience working with many publications. Our team are experts in working to deadlines, dealing with journalists, and managing reputational crisis’s. The PR team we have is made up of young and creative individuals who can deliver fresh and inventive ideas, no matter what sector your business falls under. All working under the same roof, the team bounce ideas off each other and collaborate to consistently produce amazing results for our clients. 

Not only is VerriBerri a public relations specialist, but we also have teams who can deliver other areas of marketing should you need it. Our specialist departments cover SEO, social media management, graphic design, and even events management. Working under the same roof as the PR team, we are all able to communicate with each other and develop strategies for you that stretch across all areas of marketing. 

Get in Touch with our award-winning PR agency 

PR is becoming an increasingly popular method of building brand awareness and reputations. It is arguably vital that you have a concrete PR strategy to be successful and not be overlooked by your target audience.  

If you think you could benefit from VerriBerri’s public relations services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We would love to hear from you and start working towards your PR strategy.