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It starts with a dream, a vision, an idea. Perhaps you are hoping to become a market leader, break the mould or create a niche… if so, we need to outline a communications strategy.

PR Agency Essex

We are a multi award winning PR agency offering solid results that continue to grow organically month on month. As a result our client satisfaction is extremely high and we continue to excel.


Don’t settle for mediocrity. Our expert team offer a high calibre, bespoke service. In contrast to what you many expect, our services come without the London price tag. We have an excellent reputation for results, professionalism, innovation, and affordability.


Unlike many agencies, the senior management team don’t just win business and advise the team, we work on clients’ accounts too. This is because we love getting involved and therefore being a part of what makes your business successful.


Our proposals are entirely bespoke and non-obligation. Why not contact us for a chat about how we can help. PR Agency Essex

What can PR do for your brand? A great public relations strategy can drive traffic to your website, increase sales, boost your SEO and also enhance your brand awareness.


You could spend money on Google Ads, print, or adverts. This is an expensive endeavour though, and results are difficult to measure for the latter two.

Alongside the expenditure, it’s widely recognised that the general public are wise to these tactics and therefore even better paid campaigns are nothing short of contrived.


Public relations is a natural, organic way of getting your brand noticed affordably and with deliverables. Great PR builds relationships with the public, promoting trust between them and you.


Contact our award-winning PR agency Essex today to find out more about how we can help you.

Print & Online Publication

In today's complex media landscape, the highly skilled PR team at VerriBerri help brands navigate the press and effectively communicate with journalists. From trade publications to mainstream media outlets, our team have a wide array of media contacts in a variety of industries. With unique campaign ideas and expert knowledge of the media, our clients are guaranteed to receive high-quality exposure and engagement with noticeable results.

Product & Event Launches

The introduction of a new product or service to the market is an exciting time for any company. A launch event can act as the springboard to raise awareness of a new concept to your target audience and make your business stand out from competitors. Our professional PR team and event organisers will take the stress out of event planning so you can focus on developing your new product or service.

Personal PR

In this digital age, it's just as important for CEOs and entrepreneurs to have an online presence as their brand. We offer a specialist 'personal PR' service to strengthen your public profile, raise awareness of an individual's campaign, and manage a crisis if things ever get out of hand. Not only will our services connect you with the right people in your industry but we will secure media coverage in global publications, TV and radio to share your views with a wider audience.

How Do You Establish a Brand?

It starts with a dream, a vision, an idea.

Perhaps you are hoping to become a market leader, break the mould or create a niche… Therefore, we need to outline a communications strategy.

Your business needs dynamic content that people want to read and share, which spotlights your brand. We utilise our experience and skills to ensure your content educates, engrosses and entertains.

Above all, this requires well-timed implementation and integration across multiple channels.

Our PR agency services include:

  • Online PR
  • Consumer PR
  • Tech PR
  • Media Relations
  • PR for SEO
  • PR Strategy
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Training
  • Events
  • Press