Book PR

Our book PR team can help you!

All successful authors have a book PR agency behind them. Why? Because great PR makes you stand out from all the others.


VerriBerri is the ideal option for anyone looking for a multi award wining PR agency, who guarantee results.


Our PR agency is specifically angled towards new authors who are looking to launch their book in the UK.


We commit to providing you with quality PR on TV, radio, online and in newspapers and magazines that will make an impact.


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Print & Online Publication

Our expert team help authors to gain traction with mainstream media outlets. We have a variety of editor and journalist connections in a multitude of publications. When you work with us you’re guaranteed high quality exposure.

Why us?

We have the world's largest and most up to date media database at our disposal. Furthermore, we guarantee our results.


Our team can help you to organise and execute a successful book launch, including an event if you so require. A launch event can act as a springboard for your new book, so is worth considering as part of your PR strategy.