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Our multi award winning property marketing agency was formed in 2009. We work with a number of clients across multiple industries but have a few specialities, property being one of them.

We have worked with the bare bones of property – letting and estate agents and building contractors. Our team also work with people more loosely associated, but still in the industry, like interior designers, kitchen manufacturers, double glazing companies; and many many more. We have as many commercial as domestic jobs too, so are very well rounded in our expertise.

As such, our team have experience in start up and established brands, which makes our property marketing Essex agency the right choice for you, no matter where in the UK you are.

It is our belief that every company deserves amazing marketing and PR, without having to pay extortionate fees. This is the core of our company ethos. Competitive pricing, excellent results, and a great working relationship.

We carry out a number of marketing methods for our clients; from social media and SEO to PR and design. Whatever you are looking for, from content to videography, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with our property marketing agency for more information.

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When you work with our property marketing agency, you are assigned a dedicated account manager. They will then manage the campaigns we are working on within our dedicated PR and marketing teams. This means that you have one easy point of contact and outsourcing your marketing is very simple.

Our focus is on your success. After all, we grow with your business and are looking for a long term partner. It’s in our business developments interests that you grow and profit. As such, our priorities lie with your lead generation and return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our property marketing agency for a completely bespoke proposal!



Years of experience without the London price tag. 

When we work with you, we create a campaign that we know your potential clients and customers will be attracted to.

VerriBerri will catch the perfect idea at the ideal time, placing you in front of decision makers when they need you most. We place you as an industry leader that people will trust. Authenticity and influence are key, we provide you with all the tools you need to make an impact.

We can scale your campaign accordingly. Whether you are looking for a subtle message, or to disrupt the market, you are in the right place. Our team have the skills and the experience you need.

Some of our clients want brand recognition whilst others are more interested in sales. Whatever your end goal, we work to meet them as quickly as possible.

Our company is run on the ethos that transparency is the most important thing in having a successful working relationship. We are completely open and honest with our pricing, results, and tactics. As such we have an open book policy from day one.

In everything we do for you we promise we will advise you of the facts without using jargon. We want to advise not confuse.

Our team love what we do and our results are outstanding. However, we work with you as a partnership. We need an agreed level of communication so our results are the very best they can be.

Should you want one, we are more than happy to put an NDA in place so you can benefit from the perception that your business has a fully functional in-house marketing and PR team.

Feel like you want to find out more?

There are many ways we can chat. You can call us on 01376 386850, email our director [email protected], or just pop in. We operate an open door policy and make a great cup of tea.

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We are a well-established and trusted property marketing agency with our head office in Maldon, Essex. We work successfully with clients across the UK.

What puts us miles ahead of  any other agency is we have a well rounded professional yet professional service. You’ll love our approach, and consequently we hope we will have an excellent long standing relationship based on integrity and excellent results.