Crisis Management Agency

A crisis won’t go away by ignoring it. We stop crisis situations getting into the news.

Can our crisis management agency help you? We work globally to protect reputations.

Also known as reputation management, our crisis management agency excel in this area of PR.

There will be times that things go wrong. It could be due to human error, a disgruntled customer, or an act of god. Whatever the cause, there is no reason that your hard-earned reputation should suffer.

VerriBerri can protect and enhance brand values when issues threaten the reputation of a company, individual, charity or sector organisation.

A crisis won’t go away if you ignore it. Online activity is part of life so there is no way that ignoring a crisis management situation will help. Sadly, the media, customers, the public, and even staff delight in drama. Your reputation must be protected and we do this by handling the situation with you.

Media Relationships

Our crisis management team's knowledge of the media and their editorial relationships allow us to challenge them and have them corrected or removed if necessary.


Our team can fully audit the risks of any potential media crisis and have a plan in place should the worst happen.

Content Creation

We will utilise our teams from across the business to create digital content, websites and blogs optimised for SEO that allows us to push negative results down the search pages.

Our Crisis Management

Reasons for needing a crisis management agency include: Product recall, unhappy customer(s) or employees, Health and Safety, data breach, issues with duty of care, error in judgement, evasion, fire or an act of god.


There’s nothing we can’t handle. Our experienced team can defuse a crisis and reduce further risks.


It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Crisis management can dramatically impact the future of your business. Our team is able to manage both on and offline crisis situations to calmly control and diffuse.


We can help you in two ways: by either assisting in a ‘live’ situation, or alternatively helping you to prepare your business by ‘future proofing’.


In a live crisis management setting, our reputation management agency will provide expert advice in order to determine the best way forward.We will manage any hostile customer or media attention and ensure your long-term reputation remains intact. 


Do you need us to ‘future proof’? We will examine your business set up and team to identify any potential problems. If possible we will put steps in place to rectify this in order to stop the need to ever crisis manage. With anything else we will put a crisis team in place and develop response plans and contingency statements. We will also train your staff in how to deal with any circumstances we identify.


Don’t let a crisis ruin your business. Contact our reputation management agency today and let the stress be lifted from your shoulders.