Crisis Management PR agency


Crisis Management PR agency

crisis management PR agency

Handling disruption or unexpected scenarios is not something that should be taken lightly. It is also not something companies often consider, until it is too late. VerriBerri work globally to protect the reputations of brands.


There will be times in any business when things go wrong. This could be due to human error, a dissatisfied customer, or an act of god. Whatever the situation, our aim is simple: ensure minimal disruption and negativite impact on your organisation.


Our crisis management PR agency have a team of experienced PR professionals at our disposal to plan for every eventuality. We manage scenarios as and when they arise, adhering to the strict guidelines of your brand’s values and utilise our press office effectively to reduce any negative association.

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We are experts in communicating.


Saying the right thing at the right time, to the right audience is what we do. Similarly, not every scenario needs tending to. Our years of experience gained from dealing with a range of industries and businesses, means we are able to advise on when to act and when not to.


Therefore, we work with multi-national corporations looking to protect their reputation during particularly controversial projects. Our team also support those that just want the peace of mind that the messages they are putting out in the public domain are compliant, on-brand and steadfast.


We are able to produce the desired outcome of maintaining a company’s reputation seamlessly due to our frank and transparent methodology towards crisis management. The strong relationships we build with our clients is testament to this.



Years of experience without the London price tag. 

Our crisis management PR agency work alongside your team to plan for every possibility. We are proud of our proactive and efficient approach to problem-solving and aim to become an integrated and extended part of your team, available at any time just for advice or in a crisis.


We don’t wait for bad things to happen; our team are pre-emptively working to ensure negative response or backlash is kept at bay.


During office hours, your project manager is only an email or phone call away. Our team all work under one roof to make managing a crisis as streamlined and effective as possible.


Our services include:

  • Detecting the early signs of a crisis.
  • Monitoring and continually identifying potential threats.
  • Tackling areas of concern, as and when they arise.
  • Managing your ongoing relationship with the press and public.
  • Preparing crisis management plans for every eventuality.
  • Contributing to contingency and long-term business planning.
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Effective damage limitation and the protection of your brand has become even more crucial during a modern age where online activity and the media enable people to pass judgement and spread stories in the blink of an eye. One small issue can quickly turn to an unpleasant media frenzy if not dealt with effectively.


Contact our crisis management PR agency today to find out how we can provide your brand with ongoing support. Have a chat with our team and receive a no obligation bespoke proposal.