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Reputation management Agency. – Although our PR service will protect your brand, online reputation management will perhaps be more beneficial, as this service is specifically focused on shielding your reputation, in a manner that will be low cost and will not interfere with your everyday business practises.

Regardless as to whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a close-knit team of 6 or 7, the likelihood of your business falling victim to a PR blunder is incredibly high. Depending on the situation it could have detrimental effect on your company. However, it’s not about the crisis, it’s how you choose to go about managing it. It can either boost your image or destroy it. Here’s what our reputation management agency recommend you should do if you face a PR crisis.

Take Full Responsibility

One thing you should not do if you face a crisis is ignore it. That is the worst possible thing you could do. It hurts to swallow your pride but it needs to be done in certain cases. Instead, we recommend taking full responsibility and reacting as quickly and effectively as possible. Perhaps try writing a press release to post across your social media platforms and control the situation.

Do Not Knee Jerk

The next step is to sit back and think logically about how you’re going to resolve the situation. Instead of heading straight to Twitter to voice your anger, stay silent whilst you and your team work cooperatively to create a solution. Don’t feed the fire, work to extinguish it.

Stand Together, Not Divided

When a crisis strikes, it’s very easy to save yourself and blame those on the ‘frontline’ so to speak. If you do this, you run the risk of ruining your already damaged brand image. Instead, write a statement that reflects your core brand values on behalf of all your employees.

Have Your Marketing and PR Team on the Lookout

One of the first tasks you want to assign to your marketing team will be to monitor social media whilst you’re creating a strategy. If they notice any negative backlash- which should be expected, start to put into place an already effective crisis plan.

Show Emotion

In these situations, don’t use blasé statements such as ‘you’ll look into it’ as it puts the public under the impression that you’re not too bothered. Instead, using emotive language such as ‘deeply saddened’ helps you elaborate to the people that whatever may have happened will be certain to not do so again.

They say you should always be careful what you share online, you never know when something could come back and ruin your life. Unfortunately, businesses are susceptible to the same scrutiny as regular Internet users, which means they need to be careful when posting or sharing anything online; a lesson H&M have now learnt!

In January 2018, H&M launched their new range of children’s clothing for this year. However, the Swedish clothing giant’s collection sparked outrage on social media when a black child appeared on the site wearing a hoodie which read ‘Coolest Monkey in The Jungle.’ While seemingly innocent, when considering model Liam Mango’s race; the hoodie brings to mind an ugly and outdated racial slur.

Soon enough, the image was shared across social media with celebrities including famous basketball player LeBron James and rapper Diddy commenting on how disappointed they were.

Yet social media shame wasn’t the only consequences H&M had to deal with.

The Weeknd and G-Eazy publically terminated their relationship and collaborations with the company. There were also riots breaking out in stores across South Africa; causing all of the stores to temporarily close in that area.

So how did H&M react to the whole debacle? The retailer quickly removed the webpage from their site before taking the garment off their inventory and offering an apology. However, as a result of the brand’s sloppiness; H&M have since hired a Diversity Manager to prevent this mistake happening again.

The Content Marketing and Social Media team at our reputation management agency have an extensive knowledge of social platforms and experience creating/posting content. Before publishing content on behalf of your brand, we make sure all ethical considerations are taken. Click here to contact our team.