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Food and drink PR agency 

We are a PR agency who specialise in food and drink publicity.


If you have a brand in this industry, we can help you secure coverage with national, international, and of course industry specific publications both on and offline.

Our team work with clients across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. As such, we feel confident that whether you are looking for a local launch or international attention, you are in the right place.

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Food and Drink PR Specialists 


The team here at VerriBerri are so sure of our abilities, that we guarantee our results! We are, to our knowledge, the only PR agency that does this.


The way we look at it, if you are confident enough to pay for a service, we should be happy to rubber stamp our results.



Years of experience without the London price tag. 


Our PR agency is multi-award-winning agency, and has been for some years. However, we don’t equate being great with being expensive. Our pricing is fair and our results are consistent.


We see our relationships with our clients as a collaboration. We want to work with you, whether you are a start up or huge corporation its all about communication, transparency, and a great working relationship.

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We like complete clarity in everything that we do. From our initial conversation we will be completely open with you about everything, and never give advice unless we are entirely sure it’s reliable. We also have an open door policy, so you can visit our offices whenever you wish.


We don’t believe in jargon. If you’re doing a great job, you don’t have to hide behind slang, so we don’t!



You can call us on 01376386850, or why not use our open door policy to drop in and see us?


Feel free to click here to visit our contact page for all the relevant details, or just to fill in the ‘contact us’ form!

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How Can A Food PR Agency Help Your Brand?

Take a moment to think of any food or drink product. It can be anything you like – chocolate, alcohol, crisps, sauces, it can be anything. Now visualise yourself in a supermarket searching for said items. Got that image nice and secure in your head? Now consider how many separate brands that one food stuff has and you’ll realise how saturated the food brand industry already is. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading food PR agency in Essex; want todiscuss how to best approach your brand’s campaigns and marketing strategies. This is so that you can position yourself at the top of the, well, at the top of the food chain.

As a food or drink product; it’s very easy to get lost within the mess of mediocrity, as we like to call it. Products which are by no means, necessarily, but that don’t stand out in any particular way. The number of food brands that sit within this bracket is phenomenal. Think of it in another way, how many times have you seen a product in the supermarket aisles that you think looks fine, but how many people are actually going to buy it? How many units do they shift per day, per week even?

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Distinguish Yourself From The Noise

The kinds of food products that just get by. Obviously, you don’t want to be one of those products, you want to be doing more than simply existing as a product. A food PR agency knows exactly how to elevate your product through regular media appearances. These appearances can come in various forms: from large-scale national newspapers, to more niche industry-leading website articles.


Many food brands attempt to carry out their PR in-house and, biased though we may be, we feel that this is going to return a poorer quality of results than with an agency. In-house teams are usually small and have fewer creative freedoms than the larger more collaborative teams of an agency do. Our agency’s PR team already has well-established journalist relationships, and they’re always looking to forge new ones on top of that.

PR teams also continually work on ways in which they can improve your brand, brainstorming ideas and thinking up potential new campaigns. A good PR team is one that never rests on its laurels. Should you decide to launch new products under your brand, then PR teams can take care all of the event and campaign launching. One of the key takeaways from this blog is that you understand that you can never take your foot of the gas when it comes to pushing your food brand. The second you do, someone else will be straight there to take your place.

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Set Yourself With Social Media Marketing

We’re going to say something here that we urge you take heed of. If you’re not utilising social media marketing in today’s world, you’re simply not going to succeed. At least, you won’t get anywhere near the heights you would if you were to utilise it. It’s that important. Social media platforms like Instagram offer such a variety of ways to market your food brand. Whether it’s BTS footage using the Stories function, high-quality, curated images or brand building through witty Tweets, the world really is your brand’s oyster when it comes to social media. In order to succeed on social media, to grow for any extended period of time, you need to achieve a high level of consistency. This is something that many people find they struggle with. It’s incredibly time-consuming, especially when you have other equally important parts of the business to be getting on with.

Fortunately, our food PR agency brings with it a highly experienced social media management team who can take care of this side of the brand for you, and enjoy it whilst they do so! Social media specialists will take your brand’s social media accounts and schedule content (having often created it themselves), publish it and also engage with users. They continue to grow your accounts organically (which is always the most sustainable approach) through tactics such as following sprees. In short, they’re absolute Godsends to have working as part of your team.

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Collaborate & Sponsor Wherever You Can

Speaking of social media, its various platforms offer fantastic opportunities for collaborations between your brand and influencers, other food products and other leading brands. Many people think launching a collaborative project of some sort is beyond reach for their food brand. The reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most brands just don’t bother trying! You’ll find that smaller-scale influencers, the sort who still garner respect and trust (as opposed to the vapid and transparent giant influencers who people have now grown more tired of), are very keen to work with you to help further your product. If you’re unsure as to who to contact, or what areas you should be looking at, then don’t worry. The social media specialists at a food PR agency like ours are used to reaching out to secure collaborative work!


How many times have you watched a sporting event on the TV and sub-consciously registered a familiar food or drink brand on a shirt of a player, or the hoardings surrounding the pitch? Sponsoring is a great way of establishing more low-level but widespread brand recognition. Sponsorship isn’t only there for the big brands, either. With the help of a PR team, you can easily find a sporting team, establishment or event that will happily take sponsorship at the level that’s right for you. This enables you to continually build your brand into the minds of your demographic, all at a level which won’t break the bank.

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