Lifestyle PR Agency


Lifestyle PR Agency

When it comes to lifestyle products, whether that be health, beauty, wellness or whatever product it may be; there’s a huge amount of competition. There’s an even bigger variety in the quality of lifestyle products out there. Similarly, if you’re a lifestyle influencer, blogger or personality; how can you make yourself stand out as trust-worthy and engaging when there’s so many amateurish pretenders out there?


Well, a lifestyle PR agency offers a good start. Whatever you’re offering, whether it’s a product or yourself; we can secure you the industry reputation, exposure and level of coverage that’s necessary to establish yourself in a sector where surviving for any period of time is notoriously difficult.

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Our PR team work on behalf of your brand (product, personality or other) and reach out to journalists, pitching engaging article and feature ideas. They’ll be a constant point of communication between your brand and the media publications you’re trying to access. With the sheer amount of, for want of a better word, clutter, that occupies the lifestyle sector, people are growing less inclined to pay attention unless something really pricks up their ears.


A double-page spread in a leading fashion or beauty magazine being a very good example of what may still peak people’s interest. Our lifestyle PR agency will work to secure those pieces in both B2Bindustry magazines and more mainstream B2C publications. Beyond our PR work, we also offer social media and event management, as well as crisis management services. This means that with our agency, you’ll have all bases covered, through good times and bad.



Asides from our guaranteed results, our team are a pretty good group of people as well! They all take a keen interest in lifestyle products, bloggers and personalities; from plus-sized fashion to home interiors, from skincare products to mindfulness and Hygge. This personal interest adds an extra level of personal enthusiasm and investment into the work that we do.


It’s natural that if you’re interested in something, you give it more effort, and our team are seriously interested in the lifestyle market. This means that we have a talented and qualified team, who take great personal pride in what they do and the market that they serve, whilst all the while keeping the client as their number one concern. That sounds like a pretty impressive team to have by your side, we’d say!

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We know better than most that objectively good lifestyle content, whatever that form may take, is hard to come by. Extracting the true quality is what we aim to do so that we can grant you the growth that you deserve.


So, if you’d like to find out more about out lifestyle PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’re really interested to see what you have to offer and, in turn, to let you know what we can offer you.