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a vegan marketing agency 

We are a vegan marketing agency based in Essex but working across the UK and USA with a variety of brands.


We are experienced in fashion and food marketing for the vegan lifestyle.


Our team  work with a multitude of eco friendly brands, it is somewhat of a ‘passion project for us’ 


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Vegan Marketing Specialists 


We are so sure of our abilities, that we guarantee our results. After all, why would you work with a company that operates on speculation and ‘maybe’s’


When you work with our PR team, we will tell you from the outset what the absolute minimum result you will get is.


We are, to our knowledge, the only PR agency in the UK who does this.



Years of experience without the London price tag. 

Our offices are just outside of London, in Essex. We decided to keep out of the city because we want to provide an exceptional service, with unbeatable results, without passing on the associated costs of an office in the capital.


Additionally, all of our team are from Essex so moving location purely to be perceived differently, when our core assets and values remain the same, did not seem a viable move due to the impact all our travel will have on the planet.


Simply put, we are an outstanding agency. Our results are unparalleled, our team are highly skilled, and our ethics are sound.


We also have an open door policy so welcome you to drop in, have a hot drink, and get to know us.

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Everything we do comes down to transparency.

From the very first conversation we will advise you in a way that is best for your brand. We send a monthly report, which outlines everything we have achieved, and quantifies our worth. It also shows firm KPI’s.


We are innovative and creative, but balance this with data and statistics. We will never do anything that will not benefit you. When it comes to vegan marketing and PR, we define success.



We would love to hear from you, just click here to visit our contact page for all the relevant details!

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