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VerriBerri has been consistently providing high level branding and rebranding on a variety of projects for the last eleven years with unrivalled results. Due to the current pandemic we wanted to offer SME’s the opportunity to either brand a new company or rebrand an existing business for a fraction of the cost. 

As such we are, for a limited period, offering a bespoke branding package for a fixed price of £750 plus VAT. For this fee, our experienced graphic design team will deliver a complete rebrand. This includes:

  • An initial video call or socially distanced meeting to discuss concepts and direction. 
  • The creation of four bespoke logo designs. Once you have chosen your favourite this can be further refined. 
  • The creation of brand guidelines.
  • A brand identity brief. 
  • A business card design.

Why is branding important?

The importance of branding can be underestimated when first setting up a company, or when short of funds. Many people think that the quality of their work is what will make them stand out. This is absolutely true, but equally, if you don’t have professional branding it’s easy to assume your business will not be skilled enough.

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But branding goes further than just your logo. Although a logo is the symbol of a company, it is not the entirety of the brand. The branding of a company encompasses the website, social media, and even the way you answer your phone. It all needs to be closely aligned for the customer to feel comfortable enough to want to buy from you. 

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

– Jeff Bezos

Good branding also encourages customer recognition. Studies show that people are more inclined to buy from brands they recognise, and therefore trust. They don’t have to have even been a customer before, just the comfort that they recognise you is enough to help convert into sales. If your branding is consistent, people will feel more at ease and you will make more sales. In addition to this, people will refer your products or services. Simply put, customers can’t pass your details on if they don’t remember you. 

What makes a brand unique?


Despite everything we said above, you also need your brand to stand out. Blending into the crowd will do you no good. In a world full of brands, you need to stand out. Furthermore, with the evolution of the internet, you aren’t even competing within the UK anymore, you’re on a global stage. 

Our Essex rebranding agency has had 11 years of experience, so we know what to do, and what not to do when creating the branding for a new or existing brand. Alongside this, we need your input and feedback because they brand needs to be a reflection of you, your strategy and your business culture.

Branding Terminology. 

Our team don’t like fluff or bamboozling you with terms you don’t relate to. Let’s keep it simple by explaining upfront what we actually mean. 

Brand awareness – This relates to how familiar people are with your company. This term also lends itself to terms like ‘trending’ or ‘buzz’.

Brand extension – This is when businesses grow to encompass new products or services within their industry. This allows them to leverage the existing brand awareness they have to sell more and, therefore, make more money. 

Brand Identity – This is the ‘personality’ of your company. What does it stand for? What does it believe in? How does it function? What are your values? Are you relaxed or professional?

Brand Guidelines – This is a written document outlining what your company stands for and how it will work to achieve that level, consistently. 

Brand Management – This refers to both the tangibles (brochures, online content etc) and intangible elements (how you are seen by the public) of your company and how both of these are managed to make sure they are in keeping with your brand guidelines. 

So what now? 

Before you contact our Essex rebranding agency; think about what you want to say? What customers do you want to attract? Do you have a current client base that isn’t doing what you want it to? Jot down all these thoughts so you can tell us. The more information we have, the more likely we are to get it on the money. 

Now, all that’s left to do is contact us! Simply click here to fill out our online form or call us on 01376 386850. No matter where you are in the UK, we would love to hear from you and find out how we can help.