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This Rebranding Agency Takes A Look At What Makes A Successful Rebrand

Very few companies that have lasted for any extended period of time have done so without a rebrand. Rebranding can prevent a company from becoming staid and dated; it can draw in new, previously inaccessible audiences and it can re-instil confidence and energy into a business. But there’s a world of difference between a rebranding and simply chopping and changing a couple of things.

Some think the process is as simple as the latter; but in reality it’s an incredibly complex thing that requires time, creativity and freedom in order to succeed. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading rebranding agency in Essex; wanted to look at what a rebrand involves, some examples of businesses that have got it very right (and maybe a couple who haven’t…) and what you need to consider when thinking of implementing a rebrand.

Components That Make Up A Rebrand

When you give your company a facelift in the form of a rebrand; you can choose to change all aspects of your branding or you can pick and choose those parts you think necessitate the most attention. So, what exactly can a rebrand comprise? There are three main parts that are worth looking at:





There are, of course, other additional more nuanced refinements you can make to your overall branding. Minor additions which enhance the overall branding; but it is those aspects mentioned above that tend to make the biggest, most eye-catching impact. Let’s first look at the name. A change in name is a good option for those brands or businesses looking to adopt a new direction and leave behind what their current name signifies.

In terms of identity, you’d be hard pressed to find a more integral feature of a business than its name. Just look at people! So much of our identity is tied up in one sequence of letters and when we know someone by their name, it becomes difficult to know them as anything else. If you want to represent a new idea or feeling, then renaming goes a long way to enabling this.

Then, we come to the slogan – the name’s younger (and often annoying) younger brother. The key to a successful slogan is to cram lots into it whilst saying very little. You want your slogan to convey a positive feeling towards your brand, you want it to indicate (to some extent at least) what your brand offers and you want it to be memorable. Doing this in the space of a few words is no easy feat, but it’s what you need to do to dance amongst the big business players.

Finally, there’s the logo. Successfully changing a business’ logo is probably the most difficult of the three branding facets to deal with. Here at our rebranding agency, we’re fortunate enough to have in-house graphic designers that make it a much easier process than it may otherwise prove to be. Often it’s about taking the existing logo and refining it as opposed to creating something entirely new. As a rule, simplicity is better than anything overly complex. Also, look to adopt a fresher, more modern logo whilst still nodding to your brand’s past in some way. Just because you’re moving forward doesn’t mean you should ever neglect where it is that you’ve come from.

Famous Rebranding Successes

To give you more of an idea of just what a boon to a business successful rebranding can be; we thought we’d list some of the most successful examples from the past few decades. We’ve broken it down into the best renaming, the best updated slogan and the best logo redesign:

  • Best renaming. Huffpost. An admittedly simple change, the new look for the media outlet (previously known as Huffington Post) brought with it a fresher, punchier identity in keeping with its all-digital operation.
  • Best new slogan. AirBnB. The property rental company used to have the noticeably underwhelming tagline ‘Feel ordinary with us’; a phrase which you can’t help but feel conjures up bland rather than special. Their updated slogan is ‘Belong anywhere’, this instantly makes you think of travel, excitement and adventure. Top marks to AirBnB here!

Our rebranding agency likes these examples so much because each and every one of them pins down the essence of the brand. The message of the brand has to remain paramount in any rebranding projects.

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Do you really need it? Rebranding your business is a fairly major step to take, and one that should only be considered when you’ve fine-tuned the rest of your marketing strategies to their optimal levels. If things still aren’t picking up after that, then, and only then should you consider a branding overhaul. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you do need one, then take the time to figure out the core of your brand. What is it about your business that sets it apart, that distinguishes it from your competitors? Finally, establish any areas of the existing branding that you pinpoint as worth keeping or incorporating into the new brand. These steps not only help the agency, but help clear things up in your own mind as to what it is that you want moving forward.


A rebranding can make or break a company, it’s as simple as that. A good one can help a company reach new, elevated heights. By the same token, however, a poor one can set your venture’s progress even further back. So, if you’d like to find out more about our rebranding agency in the heart of Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. If you too want to gain the same level of attention as those brands we’ve talked about, then we’ll help you get there!