The Benefits Of Utilising A Rebranding Design Agency

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The Benefits Of Utilising A Rebranding Design Agency

Everything needs a refresh after a while; from giving your windows a fresh lick of paint to updating your Tinder bio, the world’s a more interesting and rewarding place when we mix things up every once in a while. For businesses, it’s no different. If you’re a well-established business, then the chances are you’ve had your current branding for quite a while. 

You need to ask yourself the question – does this still represent our company? If the answer’s no, then you might well need to hire the help of a rebranding design agency. The team here at VerriBerri are one such firm, we wanted to talk you through some of the benefits and the reasons as to why you might need services like ours.

Changes In The Times… 

Whether you accept it or not, every business plays at least partially into the broader business trends and pictures, even if this is unconsciously. In other words, what was a fashionable way of branding a business two decades ago might seem clunky, outdated or simply unfashionable today. Changing times bring ever changing ideas and styles. 

Our rebranding design agency represents the synergy of the latest business style trends and talented graphic designers. We can take your brand and compose a range of potential different branding ideas which remain true to your company vision, whilst also being more in keeping with the prevailing business themes and styles. 

Changes In Company Direction… 

You never know how a business might start out. Many companies move in lateral directions as opposed to following one linear journey. A FinTech company specialising in regulatory software might agilely segue into becoming a bubble tea franchise… OK, probably not that extreme a segue but the point stands that where a business started and where it stands now don’t always align. If that’s the case and your branding is still the same from when your business represented something else, then it’s not going to be right anymore for your company. A rebranding design agency like ours can take the new vision of your company, or what it now stands for, and translate it into the most well-suited branding you could hope for. 

Changes In Personnel… 

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Just as company direction changes, so too does the personnel within a company. Perhaps you’ve taken over as Managing Director or your Creative Director has decided to move on to new pastures. This kind of disruptive event can present you with the opportunity to reshape your business and nowhere is this more apparent than the customer-facing branding of your business. So, if you’re looking for a fresh start with a fresh team, then why not get an external fresh pair of eyes on board, in the form a rebranding design agency? 

Elements Of A Rebrand 

A rebrand is no small thing; it’s not the same as simply changing your brand’s logo (though this falls under the remit of a rebrand, too) and requires extensive planning and meticulous execution. As a rebranding design agency, we offer a number of services and the following are all parts of a rebrand: 

Although it’s by no means the only part of a rebrand, that doesn’t mean that updating your logo isn’t a big part of it. Whether you want a complete overhaul or simply variations on an existing theme, nothing shouts your brand more than your logo does. 

Colour Palette 


The importance of colour within a company’s branding can’t be overstated. Emotionally speaking, colour has a huge impact on us in terms of the mental associations we conjure upon seeing certain colours. A muted, pastel palette would indicate a more refined, sophisticated or serious brand tone of voice, for instance. 

Bold shocks of red, black, and electric bright colours like blue, green and yellow suggest an altogether more in-your-face and vibrant company character. Nailing your colour palette sets up the general feel your company will have throughout its entire website and other marketing materials. 

Tagline And Brand Language Guidelines 

Rebranding doesn’t have to be solely visual, it can be more cerebral as well. A good tagline can really help your business stick in people’s minds long after they’ve interacted with you. Similarly, you want to establish brand guidelines in terms of the type of language you want to be using as well as words and phrases to steer clear of. Is your company’s brand chatty and informal or grave and corporate? Witty and wacky or reserved and elegant? 

It’s worth adding a note of caution here, though, as something too clever – in terms of tagline – can come across as self-important and smug if you’re not careful. It’s about striking a balance between clever and concise, between capturing attention and alienating your potential audience. 

Our Team 

As a rebranding design agency, we have our own in-house graphic designers, copywriters and content creators as well as project managers who will help make sure your new brand’s vision comes to fruition. All these teams work together in-house (in normal circumstances, at least) and are therefore in constant communication with one another. We also house our own PR department meaning we can gain maximum coverage for your brand’s ‘brand’ new look! More than anything, though, we’ve got enthusiasm. 

We’re tackling your old branding with a completely fresh pair of eyes, so to speak, so we can bring the fresh ideas you’ve been looking for. With a rebrand, you can create a singular visual and mental vision for how you want your company to be perceived within the public’s 

eye. That’s an opportunity you want to make sure you get right. Solid branding doesn’t just drive better customer engagement, either, but it instils personal pride and confidence within your own team that only furthers productivity and drive. 

Contact Us 

The branding your business utilises can be the difference between drawing a potential customer or helping to make their decision to steer clear. So, if you’d like to find out more about our rebranding design agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected]