Reputation Management Agency: Securing Your Investment

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Reputation Management Agency: Securing Your Investment

It’s all too easy to overlook the value of a reputation management agency when you’re a small to medium sized business. We get it. It feels like just another thing for you to pay out for. In reality, our work could end up saving your business should you find yourself in crisis. What’s more, we can help you build the foundations for a long and plentiful future.

Important Statistics You Need to Know About Your Reputation

  • Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations by 85% of people.
  • Reportedly, it takes just a tenth of a second to determine characteristics such as trustworthiness.
  • Individuals build a solid impression of businesses and people within seven seconds of their first encounter.
  • A third of businesses say that they have been detrimentally affected by negative content.
  • 60% of people will avoid using a company if they see negative reviews online. 

How to Build Your Online Reputation

As a reputation management agency, we are forward-thinking. Our work isn’t always about making a crisis simply go away. Instead, we put a heavy focus on building a more resilient reputation in the first instance.

There are a number of ways you can build a stronger image for your brand. Below are just a few examples:

Online Presence

There are very few businesses that can survive nowadays without some form of online presence. Whether this be a website, or social media, this is critical to your long-term success. 

Research suggests that over 54% of social media users will visit a brands online profile to aid them in making a purchasing decision. This shows just how big of a part your feed can play in creating a first impression.

The content you share online in the form of social media posts, website copy or blogs, has the power to build your professionalism. What’s more, you can also utilise these materials for making your business feel more relatable and friendly. As an agency, we can help you establish a better connection with your online audience. Ensuring you are getting the most out of these platforms.

Making Your Website Stand Out

The internet is full of trillions of websites, some of which are home to your competitors. If you want to improve your reputation, you first need to make your site stand out from the crowd.

As consumers, we are so used to seeing the same kinds of design over and over again. Not only does this make you hard to distinguish, but it also makes your website look lack-lustre. By working with our expert design team, we can help you get both your branding and your website up to scratch. This will set the foundations for a brighter future by ensuring people enjoy their experience on your site. 

What’s more, spending time on your SEO can also improve how others view your business. Google is a market leader and as such, have a responsibility to promote only the very best content for their users. When you rank highly on the search engine results page (SERP), this generates credibility for your business. As a reputation management agency, we can provide on-going support with your site health. 

Be Responsive

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Nobody likes to be ignored. Social media was built as a place for conversation and as such, businesses need to be engaging in this. We understand that this can feel like a demanding task, especially as your brand grows. When you own a business, finding free time is difficult, causing many businesses to lack responsiveness across their online channels. This, however, is a big no, no. 

Your audience want to feel connected. Further, they want to know that their opinions really matter. By producing content that evokes a response and dedicating time to respond to your comments, this will help your audience to feel more valued. Take it from our reputation management agency, the more you are able to do this, the stronger your reputation will become. What’s more, you also get the added bonus of positive word of mouth!

Reviews and Testimonials 

As we established earlier, people do still check reviews and in actual fact, these play a huge part in someone’s decision to buy from you. You cannot control what someone has to say. At the end of the day, it is their right to share their opinion. However, what you can do is combat this with positive reviews and testimonials.

Social proof is the idea that if lots of individuals do something, others will perceive this to be normal behaviour. As a result, they will copy these actions. When you share testimonials, this provides social proof, building your reputation and encouraging sales. What’s more, these materials give you something to talk about on your website and social media.

How We Can Help if You’ve Found Yourself in Crisis

Crises occur all the time. Whether it be a mishandled situation, an escalated poor review or a product recall, nobody is immune to bad press. As businesses, we are all vulnerable. You can, however, mitigate this risk by being prepared. 

As a reputation management agency, our team are trained in crisis communications. As part of your strategy, we will provide support in ensuring there are no weaknesses in your upcoming campaigns. Further, we can utilise our a-list contacts to minimise the damage of detrimental news stories, should this happen to you. Think of us as an insurance policy for your business. Reputation management isn’t a burdened cost. This is a necessity as you continue to grow.

Contact Our Reputation Management Agency

Our one piece of advice to take away from today? Be proactive, not reactive. 

All too often, we see businesses frantically trying to rekindle a tarnished reputation without having much luck. Don’t let this be you!

If you are looking to add better protection to your company’s future, it may be time to consider onboarding a reputation management agency. For more information on how we work, get in touch. You can reach a member of the team by clicking here or call us today on 01376 386 850!