Reputation Management in Essex

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Reputation Management in Essex

At VerriBerri, we are a well-respected marketing agency, specialising in reputation management in Essex. Further, we help businesses in crisis, no matter where they are in the world. It is what we do best! 

Our communications team are second to none. They have spent years building and nurturing strong relationships with journalists, establishing our agency as a trusted name. Further, they also go above and beyond to protect each and every one of our clients. When you work with VerriBerri, ensuring your reputation remains positive is our biggest priority. Second to keeping you out of crisis, we will also help you build a more solid image through other marketing channels. This will make your brand more resilient to damaging press.

In Recent News…

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is likely you have seen the whole debacle between Aldi and Marks and Spencer. For those of you who have not seen, let me fill you in.

M&S brand ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ has seemingly caused quite the stir in the past few days. Each supermarket has their own version of the cake in question; however, Aldi are now being sued for their version, ‘Cuthbert the Caterpillar.’

It is not quite yet known whether this something to be taken seriously or whether this is a PR stunt on Marks and Spencer’s part. Either way, both supermarket chains seem to be reaping the benefits of invaluable exposure. In a bid to protect their reputation, Aldi’s social team have gone to town with making the best out of a shoddy situation.

Taking to Twitter, the team shared numerous Tweets including the hashtag ‘#FreeCuthbert’ sparking a lot of attention for the brand. One of the comments shared even mocked M&S’s tagline. Alongside this, other brands such as Morrisons have also jumped on the bandwagon to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

Although the destiny of Cuthbert is yet to be established, the Aldi team certainly deserve a pat on the back. This is just one example of great reputation management through social media. Not only have they made themselves more relatable, but they have also inspired more word of mouth. 

Do I Need Reputation Management?

No matter who you are or the size of your business, every company needs some form of reputation management. Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to utilise and those who are not are certainly missing out. Further, no business can avoid crisis situations forever. Even a simple miscommunication error could land your brand in hot water. 

As specialists in reputation management in Essex, we have aided many companies to safety after finding themselves in a sticky situation. Without our help, it is likely their reputations could have been damaged beyond repair.

How Can Marketing Help Me Solidify My Reputation?

When it comes to reputation management in Essex, there are lots of things to consider. This process isn’t just about keeping negative press away from your business. You also need to work on solidifying your reputation.

Most companies adopt marketing efforts to build their visibility. What many overlook, however, is the additional affect it can have on your business to consumer relationship. In today’s society, customers want to feel valued, considered and connected. Further, they want to trust the brand they are buying from. In fact, this may be the difference between an individual making a purchase or avoiding you like the plague. 

All marketing, if well executed, will positively affect your reputation, allowing others to feel closer to your company. Social media and public relations provide a platform for you to build your brands relatability. Providing this content is relevant and targeted, people will be interested. What’s more, social media allows you to create a sense of exclusivity and build a community. 

Popular search engines are trusted by consumers. As market leaders, Google is seen as a credible source for information. When carrying out SEO, this involves modifying your website to better satisfy a search engines algorithm. If done correctly, SEO will increase your positioning on the search engine results page (SERP.) When this happens, Google’s great image rubs off on your brand, making your reputation stronger and building trust.

Tips for Solving or Avoiding a Crisis

We all make mistakes, however, when you run a business, you are most definitely put under a spotlight. Any crisis has the potential to cause irreversible damage, unless you manage the fallout. This is one of the many reasons people look into reputation management in Essex.

Below, we share our tips on how to both solve and avoid a crisis in the future…

Take Your Time

When a crisis occurs, many brands feel panicked into responding quickly and sometimes, this can cause further damage. Comparatively, other businesses choose to gloss over their mistakes, rather than confronting them.

The above circumstances are both examples of what not to do in a crisis. Anything and everything you put out as a business should be carefully considered. Ask yourselves why you are where you are. What was the source for causing the upset and how can you avoid this in the future?

Thoroughly Assess Upcoming Campaigns

When creating campaigns, it is extremely important that you take your time. Many businesses overlook fragilities in their plans and end up paying the price. It is important you consider everything you put out and whether there is any way your comments could cause offence. 

As reputation management experts, we have become elites at spotting weaknesses. If this is an area you feel you need support with, our marketing agency can help!

Avoid Controversial Topics

Finally, it is vital you are avoiding certain controversial topics. This may seem trivial to mention, however, you’d be surprised at how many brands fall into this trap. Many companies voice their opinion when their input isn’t necessary. As a result, this can really damage your image. Ensure what you are endorsing is ethical, but also relevant to your business. 

Interested in Knowing More About Reputation Management in Essex?

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