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From restaurant crisis management to hotel reputation, the hospitality industry is unique.  This is because it heavily relies on selling a feeling or an experience above a product. Even a restaurant that sells physical plates of food is still trying to evoke an emotional reaction towards the experience.

In an industry so reliant on selling emotion to its customers, it can quickly turn to disaster if the worst was to happen. For example, if there is a business-related emergency, it can change how the public perceives the company involved.

If disaster suddenly struck your hospitality business, how would you react?

Here at our hospitality marketing and PR agency in Essex, our restaurant crisis management team have compiled some advice to ensure that you are ready if the worst was to happen. 

One step ahead 

Always make sure you have a clear plan of action before a crisis happens. It is important to have this written down and to review it regularly with your reputation management team, ensuring you are always ready to act if needs-be. The purpose of the plan is to ensure the safety of individuals, be they staff or the public, and to maintain the credibility of your business.

Who is talking to the press?

If the lives or the health and wellbeing of the public is at stake then you may find your business in the centre of a media circus. With these situations, it is very important that your restaurant crisis management have elected a spokesperson. This person will take the media questions and give clear meaningful answers that carry the companies brand message well.

Honesty is the best policy.

With the hospitality industry thriving off trust, it is vital that your company remains honest and transparent in how they are dealing with the crisis. This technique will kill off any rumours circling your business. Just be sure to broadcast your honest, consistent message through all your channels to the public.

Communicate with staff.

Communication is key. Make sure your crisis management team take the time to explain to the team exactly what has happened and what is being done about it. By squashing any internal rumours early, you will ensure that the business remains operational; resulting in less false information leaking out to the public.

Keep business going.

The saying isn’t true; not all publicity is good publicity. Having a restaurant crisis management team on hand can help counteract the negative press and keep your business going. It is important that your PR agency make a conscious effort to communicate to your customers and any suppliers about what is happening. This will stop them from making their own assumptions; from hearing or reading about it through the media.

Update, Update, Update.

You should never leave the public waiting. All this does is allow them more time to make up more rumours and assumptions. We live in a time where news travels fast through social media so be sure to keep a handle on it by constantly communicating.

Use your social media

Social media is the most effective way to reach out to the public and customers. Make sure your restaurant crisis management team utilise these channels by providing your followers with relevant updates and answering any questions that are coming through; to show a constant, controlled presence.

it is vital that all the bases are covered and that an effective crisis management strategy is put in place; in case the worst happens and time is of the essence in controlling the fallout.


Failing to manage a crisis in an effective manner can shut restaurants down, or even leave customers wondering if they can trust the brand. An effective crisis management strategy shows that your company is established and professional enough to stand the test of time; further solidifying the trust your customers will have for your brand.

In conclusion, having a plan in place should the worst occur, is highly beneficial to your business. 

Our PR agency provide an excellent range of services; including public relations and management to ensure your reputation is continuously upheld. 

Here at VerriBerri, our restaurant crisis management team have over ten years’ experience in helping companies create effective strategies.

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