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If you’re running a restaurant in London, then congratulations! It’s a dream for many to be based in the capital and running a successful business. If you’re managing your restaurant well and looking to increase in size or engage properly with customers, you might think about contacting a marketing company. 

But how can a London restaurant marketing agency help your business? Often enough, owners of food chains have their own dedicated marketing agencies as they don’t have the time to do it themselves! But we make sure the opportunity to grow it’s only for larger brands. We love to help any size business, from local to conglomerate. 

Running a restaurant isn’t just about making sure your staff are providing a great service; or ordering the appropriate ingredients to cook up that 5* meal. It’s also about managing your presence online.

As an agency, we’re often asked what marketing actually means for a business and why can’t companies market their own ideas. Marketing is one of those industries whereby you must be keeping up to date with new algorithms, trends, and ideas that are evolving constantly. It was only last month that Google introduced a new algorithm which changed the way in which blog posts should be written. 

At VerriBerri, we keep up to date with marketing strategies to ensure your restaurant is on its top of peoples lists. How can we help? We’ve compiled three top marketing approaches that we advise you take. We know they work!

Utilise SEO

As a London restaurant marketing agency, we make the absolute most out of Search Engine Optimisation. Working in London is competitive regardless of the field that you’re in, but especially for those of you who run a restaurant service. 

Optimising content is absolutely crucial, which is why we work on stats and data that are analysed all the time! 

For example, if you’re based in Soho and run an Indian cuisine restaurant, a keyword you might have is ‘Soho Indian Food’. What this will do is show your business higher up on Google when someone types that phrase in. This ultimately leads more people to your website and if they like what they see; trying your food (and leaving that excellent review).

Pr for restaurants

Due to the vast number of restaurants in London, it’s important for your company to set itself apart from competition. This can be done through showing your speciality off! What is unique about your business? How is your business priced in comparison to your competition? If you’re offering a discount on your food, how are you going to inform potential customers? 

These are the types of things that a marketing agency can help you do through SEO! Introducing service and  location-based keywords in your text on your website will directly lead people to visit your page. Generally, most people would dine out to somewhere close to their home; that doesn’t matter in London due to tourism, so your life becomes a lot easier. You just need to utilise your SEO in order to win both locals and tourists over.

Monitor Online Reviews

Restaurants rely heavily on reviews! It’s so important for you to see how people are reviewing your business. Marketing agencies can help to do exactly that. As we’ve said, time is very limited for those of you who run an eatery; which is why a London restaurant marketing agency can take that responsibility and do that for you. Our aim is to save you time and make you more money. 

Everyone out there Googles the restaurant they’re going to trial before visiting for the first time – it’s inevitable. That’s why, not only must your food be delicious, but also customer service should be great. If you’re excelling in these areas, then great! But that’s not to say someone might have not had that one negative experience. A marketing agency can look for these reviews and report back to you so that your business is aware of any improvements. Whilst talking about reviews, don’t forget to respond to them, whether positive or negative!

Furthermore, it’s also important to notice the bad reviews, which in itself is a whole job! It’s important to be professional when responding and dependent on the review itself use the appropriate language. It might be worth thinking about offering incentives to leave reviewers as this will show you openly engage with customers and that you’re passionate about your business. Ultimately, reviews dictate the future of your business; if you’re seeing negative reviews, it’s going to steer people away from visiting. 

Social Media

London restaurant marketing agencies can have an absolute field day with social media. Not only can they keep your profile up to date but also follow food trends! Ever heard of the phrase ‘Food Porn’? That hashtag on Instagram is always trending and making the most of this, and others, can go a very long way. It drives more traffic to your profile and therefore could be that extra follower. Social media is free! It doesn’t cost anything to show your food off. The plan is to increase the following so it shows your food is desirable; then convert those follows into sales. 

Restaurant social media marketing benefits

With the current circumstances, almost every restaurant is advertising the fact that they’re taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. It’s trends like this which will make your restaurant noticed and on mainstream timelines. Using platforms such as Instagram and Twitter will also allow you to track your followers and examine what the drive of traffic is like to your pages. Tracking this type of information is important to see how long potential customers stay on your page for and how long someone stays following you for.

This can otherwise be known as your companies bounce rate. You want long-term, loyal followers, which is why agencies highlight the importance of posting regularly as you will be engaging frequently with your target audience.

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With London being a hotspot for both independent and large restaurant corporations, it’s important to be seen. It’s natural for companies to struggle in this field which is why there are agencies like ours out there available to you! If you want to boost your SEO rankings or receive help in branding your website, you can get in touch with a London restaurant marketing agency like us today, who will be happy to talk you through some of the services that we offer! This blog hasn’t even touched the surface in what marketing strategies we use to deliver only the best results. Click here to contact our restaurant marketing agency and find out more.