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Restaurant marketing agency

Restaurant marketing agency, Why is marketing for my restaurant so important? Let our restaurant marketing agency tell you…

Marketing lets your brand stay fresh in the minds of any existing customer. It also enhances brand awareness for new customers. It is crucial to your restaurant’s success. With marketing under your belt, you can develop a good reputation to set you apart from your competitors. You will be able to reach consumers who may otherwise have not heard of you.

With careful planning and thoughtful execution, we can successfully increase your turnover. Some restaurant marketing can even be as easy as amending the menu to suit the target market.

Types of marketing you will need.

Social media is a key way to market your business. Essentially if you’re not using social media to its full potential, you’re losing business!

A key technique is to get involved with various social platforms. This will work to increase your exposure and reach. It will also help you find what works best for both your restaurant and your customer base.

Blogging is also beneficial in terms of engaging with your customers. Within this, you will need to post content involving keywords that relate to your concept, restaurant or menu, to gain the ability to rank highly. Throughout your restaurant marketing efforts; you will need to post images to create relevance with your content. 

Other methods can include email newsletters, website design, SEO and much more. It can be a very time-consuming process to get this right and so you may benefit from the help of a restaurant marketing agency. 

Spend time researching your competition, this is crucial for an effective marketing strategy. We will then be able to position you into a niche segment, to make you stand out from the rest, so that you can become the successful brand you strive to be.

Your customers don’t want to be targeted. Instead they want to be interacted with and for you to engage in conversation with them. A great way of doing this is PR. 

Why your restaurant needs online PR.

Your restaurant’s image is the prime focus of your business. Implementing online PR is effective and it works very well. It essentially equates to a better ROI version of free advertising!

PR has the power of word of mouth. Customers trust the media to promote the correct companies, and to be honest. Hereby, PR for individual restaurant companies, is hugely beneficial in terms of getting your name out there.

Getting the right publicity comes at a cost. Your restaurant will need to present the correct information, as well as intriguing content for the publications to want to promote your restaurant’s business.

How to get the right PR. 

Due to our extensive list of clients, predominantly consisting of those in the hospitality industry; we have a wide knowledge of PR, and how to get the right publicity.

VerriBerri’s PR services consist of:

  • We can build hype surrounding your launch. Maybe your business is expanding, or even just starting up? Either way we can create interest from the off. VerriBerri can guarantee enthusiasm in your brand and a full restaurant. 
  • Online and offline. VerriBerri will strive to create the publicity for your restaurant business both through on and offline articles.
  • Expertise. VerriBerri have 11 years’ experience in online PR. Therefore, you can trust us to execute the perfect PR campaign.  

Although Marketing and PR are essentially the main objectives to enable success for your restaurant business; social media can prove to be an essential marketing tool to complete the jigsaw. It helps gain a wider perspective and a personal method of connecting with old and new customers alike.

Restaurant social media marketing

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or you run an established restaurant; social media can increase your turnover. 

Posting on a variety of social channels can increase your exposure to a variety of customers. If your content is engagement then you will have no trouble getting people through your door. 

Even if your restaurant already has a strong customer base; any establishment can still benefit from posting on social media. 

The hospitality industry is increasingly competitive, meaning that you must bring your ‘A’ game to every post. Posting frequently on a variety of social channels can be the difference between losing and gaining customers.  Having a quality social media presence is critical to your restaurant’s future success.

How VerriBerri can assist your restaurant.

  • Twitter – We believe this is the perfect channel to engage with any customer. To convert interest to visits it would be worthwhile posting in an informal, yet informative manner. 
  • Facebook – The domain of an older customer, Facebook is excellent for reaching out to females over 35. 
  • Instagram – A purely visual channel, let the food do the talking! If the food doesn’t look great, then your following isn’t going to want to visit. Posting frequent images of menus, your food, interior, and your drinks is advisable. 

It goes without saying that restaurant marketing is important, especially in such a competitive market! Making sure your restaurant is the talk of the town can be difficult to achieve. 

Increasing turnover

The staff in your restaurant are the core of the business. They are the difference between returning customers and complaints. Therefore, employing committed, trained staff will result in increased exposure due to the customer satisfaction. After all happy customers are  the be-all and end-all to your success.

Give your restaurant the exposure it deserves

With high competition, you need to ensure that your restaurant’s marketing strategy is perfectly pinpointed so that customers simply can’t resist visiting you.

Focus on those 5 glowing stars; delivering the best service possible can only boost your brand’s success. Who can resist visiting a restaurant with incredible reviews?

When it comes to dining, most will search restaurant options. They will be looking for the best atmosphere, the best food, and sometimes, the best deal. 

Google needs to be your restaurant’s best friend! You need to rank on the first page. 91% of people do not go any further than the first three results.

SEO is not a need but a must

Without having suitable SEO in place, people will have a very hard time finding your restaurant. This means a lack of customers. As stated above, many people search online to find where they want to go. Although Word of mouth is still important, Google is king. 

SEO can be a difficult technique to master

SEO is very time-consuming, and requires up to date knowledge. This may be a good opportunity to seek help from a restaurant marketing agency. By outsourcing your restaurant’s SEO, you can ensure it will be executed well. Establishing the highest ranking possible.

Why your restaurant could benefit.

Our restaurant marketing agency have an extensive amount of experience with search engine optimisation for a variety of clients, and provide a service that includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Keywords.  Keywords are crucial for effective SEO, therefore VerriBerri provides a service which includes regular research and associated strategy. 
  • Organic SEO. Organic SEO is much more cost efficient than PPC. VerriBerri focus on organic SEO in order to rank your restaurant higher.
  • Reviews. We will monitor your websites progress in order to ensure that you are ranking higher than not only your competitors but also potential competition. To retain and enhance your ranking position we will post frequent blogs, and keep your social media up to scratch. We will also keep watch of review sites to ensure your reputation stays positive.

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