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Restaurant PR agency. – A website and online presence are not additional accessories for restaurants, they are one of the most important elements of the business. 

Did you know as of 2012 only 50% of independent restaurants had a website? Out of that 50%, less than half of them displayed their menus online! Fast forward eight years and almost every restaurant in the UK has a website and online presence. This change is due to how people now gather and receive information.

Why does my restaurant need a website?

Your website is not just a digital poster to advertise your restaurant and food. Instead, it should be a living tool that visitors can use to find out anything and everything they need to know about your restaurant; ultimately helping them decide to eat at your establishment.

Our restaurant PR agency have compiled a list of the essential points that your website must have to ensure customers go from browsing your site to eating your food.

Get some clarity

When it comes to your website design it needs to be practical and as easy to use as possible. This is essentially your first impression; so it is crucial to make it a good one. Many users will simply leave a site if they encounter any problems using it. If someone has left your site you can guarantee that they have gone to an easier-to-use site; that is more than likely one of your competitors.

Picture perfect

One of the main reasons that people will head to a restaurants website is to get a sneak peek of what food to expect. Make sure that you have a page dedicated to your menu and a separate gallery page that has professional photographs of all your showstopper dishes with brief descriptions of each one.

Content is key

When writing content for your website try to make it more of a story around your brand, rather than a sales pitch to win over guests. This is called content marketing and is a great way to get customers. In an age where we seem to be targeted by advertisements everywhere, consumers like to think they have made the choice to spend their money at an establishment themselves; and not been pressured into doing so.

Although most restaurants these days will have some form of online presence, many still don’t fully utilise online platforms for their digital marketing capabilities. With the average UK adult spending nearly nine hours a day online. (More than the recommended amount of time we should sleep) can you really afford not to look at your online content? 

The answer is no. For this very reason, our restaurant PR agency have gone a little more in depth some of the above points. 

One way to make your online presence profitable is to focus on content marketing. 

Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating content that holds relevance and value. It engages a particular target audience and ultimately makes them want to use your service or product.

Write blogs about things people want to know, you don’t have to go on a sales pitch about how your restaurant provides this and that. Instead write about things people will be interested in, from the best ways to cook with a certain ingredient, to how you can keep your kitchen clean. This form of content builds engagement and trust with customers and at the same time enables you to insert keywords into the text, improving your restaurants organic SEO.

How to create engaging content for your restaurant.

First things first, the more marketing channels you have the better. Make sure you have all the necessary social media profiles to reach your target audience. On all social media platforms, you need to focus on visual content, videos and pictures. 

Try to create your videos and photos around your brand, so that your media seems uniform and unique to your restaurant. It could be as simple as using the same filter on Instagram for each picture. For example, if you own a BBQ restaurant, editing your media so it has a smoky or darker look keeps the images in line with what the restaurant is serving and therefore its brand.

When it comes to restaurant marketing; one of the most important digital marketing avenues is social media marketing. 

After all, there are over 2 billion people worldwide using some form of social media every day; making it a great platform for bars to reach customers through their phones, tablets and computers.

One of the most popular social media sites that bars and restaurants should start utilising is Instagram. Instagram boasts an estimated 500 million active monthly users, with the amount steadily climbing. The team here at VerriBerri, social media marketing in Essex, have compiled a short list of ideas that you can implement into your bar’s Instagram, to assist your restaurant marketing efforts.

Using Video Content.

A very simple yet effective way to maximise post engagement is to shoot enhanced videos and step away from just uploading photos. If you use a boomerang app, you can create a short yet dynamic video that will stand out as users scroll through their feed. Try taking boomerang shots of the bar staff making drinks and get creative with the angles you shoot at, to generate original engaging content.

Avoid Selling – Be Real!

Try to resist the urge to post promotional material for your bar. People haven’t joined Instagram to see offers and promotions, they join to see engaging content. As a result, you should get creative with your posts. For example, if you are doing a two for one on cocktails, take an artistic shot of two cocktails at your bar and use the caption section to write any content needed to outline the offer.

Use Customer-Taken Photos.

Use pictures and videos of your guests – you may need to get their permission before using. By posting an organic material of your guests having a good time in your establishment, you will create a bit of a buzz around your bar and can quickly turn your business into a ‘must go’ destination.

Your meal arrives at the table and in the blink of an eye, the phone is out, as you begin snapping away, trying to get that one Instagram worthy photo to share with your followers. Sound familiar?

Recent studies have found that people between the ages of 18-35 spend an equivalent of five whole days a year viewing food images on Instagram. This is proof that Instagram has changed the restaurant marketing industry for good.

Creating Instagrammable Dishes

The presentation is key to get people taking pictures of your food. The presentation of a dish needs to be in line with your brand message. It doesn’t matter if it is delicate refined French cuisine or a huge towering burger loaded with cheese, it must look like it belongs to the restaurant. Many people will see a dish pop up on their feed which will be enough to make them visit the restaurant that created it- even if it is just too show the world that they have eaten that particular dish.


Some restaurants are even taking Instagram into account when it comes to their décor. Our team here at VerriBerri, restaurant PR agency in Essex, have found that some restaurants will create selfie opportunities within the restaurants décor, using ideas such as feature walls covered in flowers or neon signs displaying motivational messages. Making it desirable for people to capture a quick selfie to share with their followers, all while tagging the restaurant. When people see these selfies on Instagram it creates a talking point and adds to the reasons people want to visit the establishment.

Social media marketing is changing

The old ways of promoting your restaurant on social media have changed dramatically due to the use of Instagram. People aren’t as interested in promotions and special offers being thrown at them in lengthy terms and condition typescripts. Instead, consumers want to see something that grabs their attention, so they can make their own mind up. 

Instagram is a great platform for this, as it gives restaurants a chance to show off their establishment, team and food. If your posts are engaging enough you will soon find that people will share them with friends creating an online word of mouth, resulting in a lot more guests visiting.

If you would like to know how our restaurant PR agency can help you make the most of your Instagram, then contact our team today on 01376 386850.