Search Engine Optimisation company in London VS Essex

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Search Engine Optimisation company in London VS Essex

When looking to improve your website’s SEO value, you may be tempted to choose a Search Engine Optimisation company in London. Whilst they may be able offer a great service, it will also prove incredibly costly. Companies in London can often overcharge. Why choose them when there are other agencies out there that can provide the same expert services for a fraction of the price?

VerriBerri are a multi award-winning SEO company based in Essex. We have been working with clients for over a decade to produce positive results at lower prices than companies in London. We work alongside you to ensure you are getting the best outcome out of working with us. In this blog, we’re going to talk you through a few of the differences between using a Search Engine Optimisation company in London and using our company here in Essex! 

The price tag 

London SEO companies are usually aiming to gain London based clients. This sets their prices higher and can make it impossible for smaller brands to receive SEO help. The hefty price tag can deter people away, even if the services they provide promise the best results. Here at VerriBerri, we aim to offer you the lowest possible price without compromising on the quality of the SEO. You can also tailor your SEO strategy to include more or less based on your budget. Therefore, we are able to work with smaller businesses who are just starting out and need boosting in the rankings.

We don’t use freelancers

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Many of the SEO companies will hire freelancers. This is something that VerriBerri have been against as it can make things harder when working with multiple clients. All our SEO team work under one roof in the same office. This is not only beneficial for us as a team to be able to creatively inspire one another, but also for you as a client. It makes communication between us, and you a lot easier. You will always be able to get hold of a member of our team. The VerriBerri SEO team regularly brainstorm with one another to produce new and exciting ideas for SEO blogs. This ensure the content we produce for you isn’t just being written for the sake of SEO but is also engaging, exciting and relevant to your business.  

We have multiple departments 

Another benefit of VerriBerri is that a Search Engine Optimisation company in London may not have is the ability to collaborate with other areas of marketing. We offer other services alongside our SEO skills, including social media management, PR, crisis management, event management, and graphic design. All of these teams work under one roof and constantly communicate with each other. This means that if you wish to expand your marketing possibilities from SEO, we would be able to cohesively develop your strategy. 

Combing PR and SEO

This multiple department approach VerriBerri have can prove incredibly useful if you decide to start utilising our PR services. PR can greatly benefit your SEO as through it, you can achieve backlinks to help with link building. Link building is a process of having your link featured on another websites. Google’s crawlers (bots that crawl websites to index them) can get through to your site from others. It will recognise this as a vote of confidence that says you know what you are talking about and that your website contains valuable information that may help a user.

Google’s main function is to assist the user and if it thinks your website can do this, it will rank you higher on the SERP (search engine results page). At a Search Engine Optimisation company in London, you may not get the benefit of combing PR and SEO, taking away a vital tactic to improving your ranking. 

Pinpoint local customers 

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We are based in Essex, and if your brand is too, there is no need to choose a Search Engine Optimisation company in London. Choosing a company close to home can not only allow you to visit us for in person meetings, but it can also be useful to your SEO. Our team are all local to our office in Maldon and come from many areas within Essex. We can use this knowledge to narrow down localised keywords for you to target. Choosing local keywords will allow your brand to connect with local people. This is especially useful if your business provides a service to requires you to travel to customers or vice versa. If your target audience is local people or people within Essex, it’s better to go with a company who knows the area inside and out!

Why do you need an agency? 

If you are wanting to save more money, of course you could do your website’s SEO yourself, however there are some things you should bear in mind. SEO is not something that can be learnt overnight; it takes years of experience. Anyone who works for an SEO company, whether that’s a Search Engine Optimisation company in London, or one in Essex, will have an understanding of how to effectively work with Google’s algorithm. This can save you lots of time with trial and error and will ensure nothing goes wrong. It can also be time consuming and, if you are a small business with a small team, it may distract you from your main business duties. A company like VerriBerri can take the weight off your shoulders and dedicate time to your SEO that you can’t. 

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If you are interested in taking your businesses website to the next level, it may be time to look at getting some help with your SEO. The VerriBerri team are ready and waiting to work with you! To find out more about how we can help, why not get in touch with us? Alternatively, you can call us on 01376 386 850 today – we would love to hear from you!