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Search engine optimisation in Essex

It can be hard to find the best agency to deliver search engine optimisation in Essex, but here at VerriBerri, we think we have finessed the art. With 12 years of experience working our way around Google’s SEO algorithm, we have been able to work with clients to enhance their websites SEO values. 

On top of SEO, VerriBerri also provide other digital management services including:

  • Social media management
  • Public Relations (PR) 
  • Business development
  • Graphic design (branding/re-branding and web development) 
  • Event management 
  • Pay per click (PPC)

What is SEO?

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SEO refers to search engine optimisation. It is the process of streamlining your website to increase its ranking on the SERP. People won’t spend ages looking through Google results to find what they want; they are likely to go with what they know, and this is usually the top three results. Improving your SEO will help you rank higher, and this will increase the amount of organic traffic that you get to your website. 57.8% of all traffic comes from Google, so you can see why it is vital to ensure your SEO is up to scratch. 

The little changes you can make both on and off your website will make your site more desirable to Google’s algorithm. Bots called crawlers crawl the web every day and index each webpages on your site. This makes it easier for Google to know which pages will answer a user’s query the best as their main goal is to help with what a user has searched. 

This does not mean your individual site will be looked at every day though, as if it has not been edited or updated for a period of time, search engines will not expend resources by recrawling with no change. 

On site SEO 

On site SEO includes changes and additions to your website that you have full control over. These can be done behind the scenes and can sometimes involve technical SEO.


Every piece of content you write for the website will need to be relevant to your brand and your business. The content you write must also contain something called EAT. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google doesn’t read your pages like a human would; it looks for specific criteria within your content. It then indexes based off this criteria and other things – like, but not exclusive to, keywords. 

Content and Keywords

When you start writing content for your website, you should identify your keywords at the start of the process. As an agency that deals with search engine optimisation in Essex, we have experience picking out relevant keywords. Keywords or phrases are words those potential customers will be typing into Google. They are also the words that you want your website to rank for when this phrase is searched. If your business is Essex based, for example, you may want to include local keywords when doing your research. Including these within your content will allow you to target a local audience and bring in local business. 

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When you are including keywords within your content, you must avoid keyword stuffing. This is when your target phrase is used too often throughout your piece and is not spread out enough. This can make it difficult for a user to read. Some may think this will increase your chances of ranking higher. This is incorrect and Google can actually penalise website for keyword stuffing by ranking them lower on the SERP.

When creating content, you also need to watch the length of your sentences. Something like this can seem irrelevant but can make all the difference. The Google algorithm likes short sentences. This sentence structure also makes it easier for a user to read. 

Internal linking

This type of SEO can be beneficial for your pages. Some of the pages within your website may not get as much traffic as others. You can increase this by linking to other pages with anchor text in your blogs. Anchor text is the text that your hyperlink will be attached to. It should be relevant to the page you are linking and should not duplicate the keyword. Try not to add too may hyperlinks in one blog or one page as it can decree the SEO value of the content you are posting. 

Off-site SEO 

Our agency deals with search engine optimisation in Essex; and we know that off-site SEO is just as important as the changes made on your website. This, however, refers to things that you do not have as much control over. 

One thing you can do to boost your off-site SEO is to have other sites link to yours. This is called a backlink. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence to Google. The algorithm likes to see that your website is being referenced by others as this proves the information has been useful to someone else. It can build up the authority of your page and allows you to cement a name for yourself within your industry. 

Another key element of off-site SEO is building social media profiles. Having a well-built array of socials to go along with your website can further cement your trustworthiness. These social platforms must be consistently posted on with good, engaging content. Our experts here at VerriBerri know a thing or two about creating engaging content and, as well as boosting your SEO value, we can help utilise social media to build brand awareness. So many people use some form of social media every day, so why not use it to reach out to your target audience?

Specialists in search engine optimisation in Essex 

SEO can take years to master, which is why people like the team here at VerriBerri exist. We have had many years of working with brands to improve their SEO and have mastered the art of increasing their rankings on google. We constantly monitor any changes to the algorithm so that we can adapt our processes and ensure you get the best possible results from your SEO service. 

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