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SEO Agency Essex

Our SEO Agency Essex can help your business’ website to grow and exceed its potential.

Let’s start by stating the obvious that competition is high amongst any online business. Companies within your industry are at a constant battle to gain the highest ranks on Google. Who wouldn’t want to be at the top?

Search engine optimisation is not something that can be rushed. To get the most out of your SEO and achieve the highest results, it is best done organically. Here at VerriBerri’s SEO Agency Essex we say start with your local market and work your way outwards. After all good things come to those who wait. Or is it those who work hard and put the effort in? Either way, they’re both covered here. 

Our SEO Agency Essex have been working in achieving highly recognisable results, in SEO for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on that. We aim to meet your needs. By providing knowledge and expertise in the industry to increase the visibility of your website. In turn increasing your sales, generating more leads or meeting whatever your objectives might be.

Our top tips to SEO your website to the highest rank. 

Before we go any further into explaining our top tips to SEO. Let us explain why it is important for your business to use an SEO Agency in the first place. Imagine you have spent copious amounts of time and money on marketing plans. Created and mastered detailed graphics. Delivered superb content on social media posts. But still your website is not moving up Google in the rankings. Then let us at help you to analyse and solve this problem then help by getting you to the top. The key to great SEO is, patience, attention to detail and then more patience.

How important are blog posts?

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Achieving high rankings on Google is all about your content and whether it includes exactly what their specifications are. One of the most effective ways to include highly ranked content in your website, is by writing blog posts. Blogs allow you to talk about any topic to do with your business or industry. Make sure that you express different opinions. Having a platform such as a blog on your website means you can write about many different subjects, from several points of view. This allows you to target different audiences, generating more traffic to your site. 

Not only are blogs great for your audience and customers. But they work wonders for your Google rankings. Blogs are a good piece of text that can utilize SEO. Although the blog itself isn’t actually a ranking factor it can include a number of elements that are. If you have a blog that has content relevant to your audience and is updated regularly; it can make an immense difference to how your website will perform in the search engine. 

What keywords should I choose? 

As mentioned before SEO is all about taking your time and putting the work in. Using key words that are relevant to your business is the perfect way for Google to recognise your company. When choosing your keywords, you need to be selective. This can be done by using specific industry words rather than generic ones. You may start out wanting to use the most obvious words to reach the top. While this is a nice goal it isn’t really feasible when competing with hundreds of other websites. The smartest bet for your company is to use long-tail keywords. 

Most searches online are for terms or longer sentences. Therefore, targeting long-tail key words is perfect for blog posts. Although these keywords might not attract as much traffic as obvious words would they do create traffic from your targeted audience. Even more importantly making it onto the top page from their search. You will certainly generate more traffic from being at the top, than you would on page two or three. 

How can I make customers stay on my website longer? 

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The length of time a customer or potential customer spends on your website is a key factor to your Google ranking. Googles number one aim is to provide people with the searches they’re looking for. Leaving them wanting to use Google again. Have you ever clicked on a website and exited straight away? Because the information was so unhelpful or dull. Consequently, affecting the way Google views the page in terms of ranking. 

This is why it is important to have an interesting and engaging website. Here at VerriBerri, our dedicated SEO team can create bespoke content for your site. Having intriguing content will keep customers staying on the website for longer; In turn boosting those all-important rankings on Google. This can be achieved by having well designed graphics. Useful links to social media. Of course, the written content needs to be to the highest standards. Researchers have found that longer blog posts tend to perform better. This is explained by the longer the blogs are, the longer someone is spent reading. Which means the more time they’re spending on the site. 

Why do you need us as your SEO Agency?

For any business having an SEO agency not only delivers higher results. But takes away the added stress. Our team at SEO agency Essex has the skills, knowledge and training to help you to the top. We keep constant communication with you. To make sure we are meeting your needs and goals. Why try run a business as well as SEO your website. You don’t have time for that. At our agency it’s what we set out to do. Let us take away the worries of making sure your website is at the top of Googles search engine. 

If you think your business needs VerriBerri’s SEO agency is Essex to help you climb up the ladder, then get in touch with the team today! Click here to get in touch.