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SEO Agency Essex: Why SEO Remains So Important In 2020

Your business may offer the best service or product in the world, but what good is that if nobody knows about it? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term for driving increased traffic to your website. SEO remains an imperative component of marketing strategies worldwide; keeping on top of SEO, however, can be a minefield. Google is constantly updating their algorithms and re-evaluating what constitutes good content. The team here at our SEO agency in Essex, have put this blog together to show why good SEO practices are still so vital in 2020.

What Constitutes Good Content For SEO?

An SEO agency knows that longer-term strategies are the best way forward when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Whereas PPC remains the king of the short term, yielding temporary gains; organic SEO will provide great results over a more sustained period if done correctly.

What with Google’s continual attempts to catch us off-guard when it comes to algorithm updates, it can be easy to lose track of what Google wants from you in order to rank well. In fact, Google is implementing, on average, 9 algorithm changes per day at the moment!

So, what does your business need to do to get higher in the Google rankings?

Firstly, you need to prioritise longer content. Longer form blog posts (2,500 words in an ideal world) consistently rank higher than their shorter counterparts; provided they’re fully fleshed out and answering the search term fully. Google is now looking for EAT when it comes to content; expertiseauthority and trustworthiness. Longer blog posts are more likely to satisfy all three of these criteria. Shorter blog posts are more likely to come across as ‘click-bait’ type articles which often fail to meet any of the EAT criteria.

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Another thing to focus on with your SEO going forwards is video content. Video content needs to become an integral part of your SEO strategy; according to market research, content featuring video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of the Google results. This is a staggering statistic and really goes to show how important video is. 82% of SEO value is going to stem from video content in the future, with the best rankings coming for 1-2 minute videos.

Moreover, page speed is something worth optimising, but is something that often gets neglected. If your website’s load times are slow, this will impinge on your website’s SEO value. Google wants people to have as streamlined an online experience as possible; a slick website helps to ensure this. There are several ways in which you can reduce website load times; one of which is to compress your website’s images. This is such a simple step that many people overlook so make sure you do it!

What Will Harm Your SEO?

Just as Google has let us know what they want to see, they’re very clear on what they don’t want to see. Google has been firm on what they will start penalising you for if your SEO practices aren’t up to scratch. An SEO agency knows what to avoid when optimising your company’s content. A broken link is like the grim reaper when it comes to SEO. If Google’s crawl bots find broken links on your site as they’re crawling it, Google will penalise you massively. If you can, avoid outbound links where possible, use internal links where you can! A shorter URL is much better for SEO than a long one, whilst longer tail key phrases will help your rankings initially.

An Effective SEO Strategy Is A Collaborative One

You’ll see the best marketing returns for your business when you incorporate SEO into a wider strategy in conjuncture with PPC and social media. Marketing is a holistic process and requires bigger picture thinking to see the best possible results. Your PPC and your social media, especially, can be used to help increase your SEO value; the curation of video content, for example, that can then be imbedded into your company’s website. An SEO agency knows the importance of this integrated approach rather than ploughing its furrow simply down one avenue. If you neglect any one of these facets of marketing, your business won’t do as well as it could be doing. Collaboration in marketing, as with so many other sectors, is vital for success and mixing you SEO in with your other strategies is a safe bet for yielding increased traffic for your company.

Why Do You Need An SEO Agency?

Amongst other things, one of the main reasons you need an SEO agency is that it seems like the goalposts are always shifting when it comes to SEO. Whilst the changes are often not too radical, they’re important enough to keep on top of. Not only will an SEO agency write the copy itself should you need it, they’ll then optimise it on top of that. All of this takes a huge amount of consistent work over time, time which most businesses can’t afford to spare. SEO trends for this year aren’t the same as last year’s, nor will they likely be the same next year.

If you want your brand’s awareness to see continual, organic growth then on-boarding an SEO agency is one of the best investments you can make for your business. The potential rewards far outweigh the financial outlay in hiring one like VerriBerri. There are few things more satisfying than seeing your business slowly start to rise through the rankings on Google after SEO work; with our team supporting you, we can help ensure that it is your company people are seeing when they search in Google.

If you think you or your business needs an SEO agency in Essex, then get in touch with the team at VerriBerri! Give us a call today on 01376 386850.