SEO Agency for Property: How to Get Ahead In Your Market

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SEO Agency for Property: How to Get Ahead In Your Market

At VerriBerri, we are an elite SEO agency for property. We aid companies all over the sector with improving their site health and increasing organic traffic to their website. Our efforts help property companies compete within this saturated market. Your brands visibility is a critical factor in ensuring your longevity as a business. 

Further to being on the of the largest SEO firms in the south east, we are also multi-award-winning too. Moreover, we even have experience aiding a FTSE 100 company with their websites SEO, one of our biggest projects to date. With our growing team of experts, you can be confident when working alongside our agency. Rest assured, you will see amazing results that go beyond your expectations.

SEO Statistics You Need to Know 

  1. Search engines are the starting point for 68% of all online experiences
  2. Google has seen the majority of all global desktop searches in 2021, reaching just over 70% 
  3. 360 billion searches have been made through Google in 2021 alone 
  4. Within the first page of results, the top five options accounted for 67.6% of total clicks 
  5. Last year, worldwide traffic via mobile devices accounted for 55% of all searches 
  6. In 2025, its projected that 73% of individuals will search solely via their phones, tablets or other mobile devices

How Does the SEO Process Work? 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about boosting your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP.) In other words, it is about getting your website in front of the right people when they search for topics relating to property. The further down the page you position, the less attention you will attract. This can be detrimental given how overcrowded the property market has become. As consumers, we are used to having Google’s algorithm in place. This means we rarely have to venture further than the top results. Hence your need for SEO. 

Each search engine has their own algorithm which they use to identify how helpful your website may be to their users. This is important as they don’t want to damage their reputation by promoting poorly constructed websites. The algorithm that Google have built uses over 200 different ranking factors. These include both on-site and off-site techniques which we will discuss later. As you may be beginning to see, the entire SEO process is highly complex. 

In order for Google to assess how well you satisfy their algorithm, they carry out a process known as indexing. This is done by robots known as ‘spiders’ that crawl your website once it is published. Essentially, these are looking for the criteria attributes they are programmed to search for by Google. Their report on your site determines how highly you rank. 

Factors to Consider 

As we mentioned just now, to boost your SEO value, you need to implement both on-site and off-site factors.

On-site SEO is all about the actions you carry out within your website. As a property company, this may involve creating regular blogs to share online. Further, optimising your website for mobile users, compressing file sizes and building meta-descriptions and alt tags. All of which take time, skill and a lot of specialist knowledge.

Off-site factors include techniques you carry out outside of your site which have a direct affect on your ranking. Typically, this includes social media and building back links through public relations. In addition to being an SEO agency for property, our firm also have departments covering all areas of marketing. If needed, we can also implement these methods into your strategy to help make your search engine marketing more effective.

Can I Implement SEO Without Help from Specialists? 

Naturally, you may be looking for ways you can save money with your marketing. Unfortunately, SEO just isn’t one of those areas where you can cut costs. With Google not openly publishing their algorithm criteria, you need an experienced team behind your project.

Top Content Marketing Tools

Furthermore, most businesses also find it more cost and time-effective to employ the aid of an SEO agency for property. With Google’s expectations shifting so regularly and the algorithm receiving frequent updates, it can be tiresome trying to keep up. When you have an in-house team dedicated to your SEO, retraining does not come without its expenses. By outsourcing, you benefit from a team with the latest knowledge, without having to pay extra.

Non-Organic Search Engine Marketing 

In addition to organic search engine marketing, our SEO agency for property are also skilled in implementing PPC campaigns too. Pay per click (PPC), is a way of generating non-organic traffic to your website. PPC takes form in many different ways. Typically, this refers to the ads you often see at the top of the SERP. PPC allows you to bid on keywords that you want to appear in the top spot for. For example, you may want to rank for ‘Estate Agent in Chelmsford.’

PPC campaigns can be highly lucrative if carefully executed. It is important you are only ranking for key phrases that potential clients will search for. Therefore, it is important you do your research into consumer behaviour.

There is some debate over whether PPC is still relevant given that many individuals are now steering clear of advertisement. However, as experts, we believe there is still a lot to gain through pay per click. Often, these campaigns are most effective when run alongside search engine optimisation.

Contact Our SEO Agency for Property 

Realistically, the property market is only going to get busier and busier. If you are not willing to act now, you may find yourself quickly falling behind your fellow competitors. 

We care about our clients; therefore, we always aim to keep our services affordable but high in quality. If you are interested in receiving your complimentary proposal, why not get in touch? We love getting involved in new projects and helping companies flourish. You can contact the team today on 01376 386 850 or click here!