SEO agency in Billericay – Optimising your content.

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SEO agency in Billericay – Optimising your content.

At our SEO agency in Billericay, we know the best ways to optimise your website to make an impression on a user. In today’s digital age, a website is usually one of the first things a potential customer will see. Not only that, but it needs to be meeting SEO values to allow people to click it in the first place. 

Ranking high on a search engines results page is one of the areas our SEO agency in Billericay specialises in. In addition to these services, the VerriBerri team also offers:

  • Social media management. (SMM)
  • Public Relations. (PR)
  • Crisis management.
  • Graphic design – branding/rebranding and web development.
  • Event management.
  • Business development.

SEO basics

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and refers to the process of streamlining your website to make it more desirable to the Google algorithm. 57.8% of web traffic comes from Google itself so you can see why it is important for your website to be high on the results page. Ranking higher in the SERP means more clicks on your site, resulting in consistent organic traffic to your website. Using things like PPC (pay per click) produces non-organic traffic and results in traffic spikes. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and are wanting to retain a customer base, along with constant traffic, SEO is the way froward. 

There are a lot of technical elements to SEO that can’t be self-taught and that require a dedicated team, such as the one we have at our SEO agency in Billericay. SEO isn’t easy. VerriBerri are here to explain it in a little more detail for you. 

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To begin with, your website needs a good domain. This doesn’t directly affect your SEO value but, it will help your brand to be recognised. The domain needs to be short and memorable – don’t worry about your keywords. Another significant step is creating a positive user experience on your website. You can do this by having eye-catching design, having mobile optimisation and making sure it’s readable to a user.


What you put on your site is vital to its SEO value. Every piece of content, whether it be blogs or web pages, needs to be adapted and enhanced to be favourable to that algorithm we mentioned earlier. Google doesn’t actually ‘read’ your site, instead, it sends bots called crawlers to look for specific criteria in your content. Sites that the algorithm determines to be useful, usually contain something called EAT. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If your content is displaying these three key components, then it will rank higher on the SERP. Google can see that your website contains information that will help answer the query that has been typed into the search bar.

What else?

Another factor you need to consider when writing your content for SEO purposes, is keywords. At our SEO agency in Billericay, we will determine your keywords for you, so it’s easier to tailor your content. Understanding the things Google users are searching for and including these throughout your website, will increase you SERP ranking. Google wants to best help a user with their question and if your site contains keywords, you will be more likely to be recommended you to the user. Being higher up in the SERP is going to allow you to reach more potential customers and maintain that all important organic traffic to your site. When including keywords, try to avoid keyword stuffing. This refers to filling a webpage or blog post with the target keywords or phrases too often. Whilst it may seem like it can help your website rank higher, it actually does more harm than good. Google tends to penalise sites who follow these practices, ranking them lower on the SERP.

One thing people miss when optimising their content is sentence length. Google likes to see varied sentence lengths within your content and on your web pages. This demonstrates that what you have written is of a high-quality and will improve the readability for the user. Whatever you write must be easy to read so the user stays on your site longer. If your written content doesn’t flow well, they are more likely to leave your site and find another. One way to determine if your sentence structure is correct is to read your content out loud. This allows you to pinpoint the natural flow of the writing and then edit it accordingly.


The things you do off-site are just as important to SEO as the things you do on-site. Off-site SEO includes things like link building and supporting social media.

Links on other websites that refer back to yours, act as a vote of confidence. Google likes to see that other people are benefitting from your content and are finding it useful. It is more likely recommend your website to others if you are being linked by trustworthy and popular sources. Backlinking is essential to building the authority of your page and allowing. You to rise through the SERP. 

A key aspect of off-site SEO is the budling social media profiles to go along with your brand. Our SEO agency in Billericay understand how important this is and can assist you with improving your social media presence across multiple platforms. 

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Having a well-built array of socials to accompany your website is going to encourage interaction with your site and cement your trustworthiness. It is not enough to just have these social platforms, but they. Must be consistently posted on and have good engagement levels. Social media is inescapable in everyday life; why not utilise it for your brand? 

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