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VerriBerri are an SEO Agency in Essex. Having helped companies across both the UK and USA; we have a deep understanding when it comes to the importance of SEO and how to improve your websites reach. Having our own website of course means that we are constantly working on our own Google ranking. This being said, we spend a vast amount of time studying the new Google algorithms through their constant (and sometimes tedious) changes. 

Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO can be quite hard to wrap your head around; but it really is a process your business should be nurturing. In order to ensure Google is accurately answering the questions of their users they send out ‘crawlers’ to index your website. Crawlers essentially are robots that trawl your website to tick off things on the SEO checklist. Once your website has been through this process, it can then be found online. The higher Google rates you on your SEO criteria; the higher you will appear when people search key words relating to your business. 

With Google reportedly reaching 2.3 trillion searches so far this year; you can see the kind of free exposure having an impressive Google ranking can bring you. With this kind of reach, improving your SEO is bound to have a knock-on effect on your brand recognition. 

Brand recognition is important because it will build your relationship with your target market; boosting traffic to your website and improving your sales revenue. 

How Far Can You Carry Out Your Own SEO?

Allowing for your own knowledge and time constraints, there are some aspects of SEO you can do for yourself to keep your costs down. Alternatively, where budget allows, our SEO agency in Essex would be more than happy to manage the entire process. 

Falling into the on-site SEO bracket, content creation may be something you can look at doing yourself. This encompasses things like regular blog posts, creating website pages and filling out current web pages with information Google wants to see. Although creating website pages does have a technical side, it can be relatively simple once you’ve done it a few times. 

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This is somewhere you can cut costs if you’re a small company or where your time / budget doesn’t allow. Continuing on, blogs can now be found on a large percentage of company websites simply because they are very effective when looking to improve your SEO. Whilst this can be a full-time job, with the right creative being behind the project, daily blog posts can be achievable without large marketing costs being associated. Having said this, companies often look at outsourcing this work to companies like our SEO agency in Essex purely because it can sometimes be more cost-effective than hiring new staff or dealing with staff absences. 

Social media is another way in which you can improve your SEO. EAT is an anagram Google use to assess the reliability of a website before boosting it higher on the SERP. 

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Building your online presence on social media can contribute to your SEO ranking under the ‘trustworthiness’ bracket. If your social media is effective in building up a following, you may experience a high volume of engagement in the way of likes, comments and shares. You may even achieve a number of backlinks. The way this works in terms of SEO is that Google finds high engagement on social media as being a good indicator of a trustworthy brand. This has the knock-on effect of bumping up your position on the search page. 

Where Can an Agency Help?

Lots of companies look at using our SEO agency in Essex purely because of their own time constraints. What’s more, people often hit a brick wall when their knowledge of SEO is limited. If you don’t have the time to educate yourself on all thing’s SEO, this is where an agency could be highly beneficial to you.

Research shows that worldwide, 52.2% of all traffic to websites comes from mobile phones. Therefore, making sure your website is optimized for mobiles is crucial if you want people to bother using your website to look at your product or service. Looking at mobile phone optimization more closely, most people struggle to know where to start. This is something our SEO specialists do day-in-day-out, so we are well acclimatized to the difficulties in setting this up. 

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As touched on before; although blogs are something you can create yourself, where people fall short is coming up with the content to write about. We all have days where we have a mental block. Here at our SEO agency in Essex, we love to bounce of each other to get our creativity flowing again. Having said this, only having one person working on this area in your business is a tall order. With Google algorithms evolving on a monthly basis; knowing how to optimize your blogs to their full potential can be tricky and getting your readability score up is dependent on a range of factors. These include using keywords, sentence lengths and formatting.

Back-end optimization is also an area our SEO agency in Essex are constantly asked for help in by businesses looking into their SEO. Back-end optimization refers to anything you do to your website that the consumer can’t see. This includes meta-description, alt tag, compressing image file sizes, improving load speed and internal linking to name a few. Confused? Don’t worry, we can help!

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Offering a completely flexible service, VerriBerri would be more than happy to assist with all your SEO needs. With years of experience we are still just as passionate about building brands and helping with their reach. If SEO is something you would like some help with, get in touch with us today! Click here to visit our contact page.