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VerriBerri, SEO agency in Romford discusses how to write for Googles updated core algorithms

With Googles ever changing algorithm updates should you be worrying about your websites content? 

It’s that time again… Google have changed their requirements for SEO on your website. You might be questioning if you should be concerned about the new changes that have been introduced. 

Of course, your business wants to keep up your rankings, no matter how many changes come into play. Throughout this blog we will explain why proven SEO-intent writing practises to help you get through the algorithm changes. 

With the constant updates, we’re not too sure anyone knows with absolutely certainty what SEO parameters are in place. However, what we can take from this change, is that Google wants people to think in much broader terms when writing content. 

Unfortunately, there is no one fix trick to SEO. Google’s algorithm always seeks to reward the best content out there for the relevant search. So, if you’re feeling a bit confused on exactly what content matches Google’s new ‘broad’ criteria, then read ahead for the advice of our SEO agency in Romford. 

Our proven SEO practises to help you achieve the best rankings. 

To start with, you will need to make sure you are meeting Google’s E-A-T standards. This stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. To be able to keep within these standards; here are four components of content that Google will reward. 

Original content  

The same old advice will never cut it in the eyes of today’s online readers. People are constantly looking for fresh new information, hence the reason for their search. Therefore, if you have generic information, your readers will bounce back off the site. Google will pick up on this, realising you are not a very credible website and penalize you for it. 

Include genuine and useful content

Have you ever read a blog that wasn’t concise and to the point? Thin, useless, and unhelpful content, in massive blocks of text will scare off even the best book worm. Make sure you have clear sign posted points, so readers know where to go to look for their information. 

Make sure your content comes from authority

if you’re having building work carried out on your house and looking for advice on construction queries. Would you read the article by the project manager or the one from the old lady down the road? Authority and expertise are two factors that go into Google’s algorithm search. 

An established page run by a leader in the industry will rank you higher than a non-credential site. This doesn’t necessarily mean having the best qualifications, but experience and knowledge in the field.  

User-friendly pages

Your users want the information they’re searching for given to them. Don’t make your audience work for the information that they’re trying to find. To ensure your audience are staying and engaging on your page, make sure your text is in shorter paragraphs and section the text with headings and subheadings. Use fonts and colours that are easy to the readers eye. Additionally, make sure all images and graphics used are of a high resolution. 

What else needs to be done? 

Here at our SEO agency in Romford, we believe it’s important to make your main goal to base your whole content around the searcher’s intent. The website could have the most aesthetically pleasing pages, but if it doesn’t have the relevant information then it is going to be of no use. Will they stick around on the site trying to read between the lines and search for the information? No. Make sure exactly the information the consumer is looking for, is clear on the page. 

Before you even start to plan your copy, be clear on the search intent you’re optimizing for. Research your key word, see what competitors are discussing and develop a clear understanding of how you can make the most out of your writing. Check what Google is ranking the key word you are going to use as. This way it gives you an idea of what you should base your content around, making you more likely to climb up the search engine ladder. 

Don’t confuse consumers when they land on your site. Don’t hide the information in lengthy paragraphs or in amongst images and graphics. Because the chances are, if this is the case, they are not going to stick around for long. Make it obvious that they have found the information they are searching for. Stay relevant to the topic at hand and the key word chosen. This will entice them to stay on the site for longer as the information has come up clear and easy, first time. Google will recognise this and reward you. 

How can you move on from this?

Unfortunately for all SEO-ers out there, Google will always update their algorithm and there is no way around this. Google wants to give real value, to real people. And this is exactly what should be at the forefront of your mind when writing content for websites. Not only will this benefit your customers, but your Google ranking too. 

VerriBerri, SEO agency in Romford, have been working in SEO for over 10 years. Which means we have seen numerous different algorithm changes and we’re quite acquainted to adapting our style to change with them. 

This has allowed us to help plenty of clients over the years to achieve the results they are after. VerriBerri understands the stress of running a business and everything that goes along with it. So we empathise that some companies just don’t have the time or expertise to SEO their website. This is where our skills and knowledge come in and we can take the worries away from meeting the needs of Googles ever changing algorithm.

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