SEO Agency Near Romford: Building Your Site Health

SEO Agency Near Romford: Building Your Site Health

We are a well-known SEO agency near Romford. This means that day to day, we work alongside our clients to improve their site health. We are experts in boosting organic traffic, bringing you more sales to aid growth. This is something we have specialised in for over a decade, helping companies in all sectors, both big and small. 

In addition to supporting businesses with their search engine marketing, we also have a range of departments covering other areas. This includes PR, event management, social media marketing and graphic design too. If you’re after a team who can promise amazing results and have a proven track record, look no further.

SEO Explained 

When it comes to SEO, unfortunately, this isn’t something you can implement without a knowledgeable team. Ironically, no amount of Google searching is going to turn you into an overnight expert. The truth is, search engine optimisation takes years to get to grips with. As you read on, you’ll hopefully start to see how complex this can all become. 

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of modifying areas of your website to better appeal to the Google algorithm. In other words, it’s a way for you to make your site more favourable and elite so that Google are more willing to promote you. 

At the end of the day, Google is a business. Every good brand wants to provide an immaculate end user experience. For them, this meant streamlining their service so that individuals like you or me can find answers to our questions much more easily. In order to find the best websites, they needed to create their algorithm. Simplified, this is essentially a tick list and the more boxes you check, the higher you rank. 

Alongside their algorithm, Google also live by the anagram EAT. This stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness – 3 attributes that all the ‘best’ websites should display. 

As an SEO agency in Romford, we know that it is the top three results that gain the most clicks. This means that if your competitors are ranking higher, all the sales will go to them. If you want to become a market leader or simply improve your discoverability, search engine optimisation is the way forward. 

How You Improve Your SEO 

When you publish your website, Google send out robots known as ‘spiders.’ These are also often referred to as ‘crawlers’ for your reference. It is their job to index your website and report back to Google on how you faired. But, what are they looking for, you ask? Well, these can be split into both onsite and offsite factors. 

On-site factors refer to the methods carried out, well, on your site. This may be writing blogs, creating a mobile-optimised version of your website or even creating alt-tags and meta descriptions. 

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Meanwhile, off-site SEO refers to what you do outside of your website that has an indirect affect on your ranking. This takes into consideration you other marketing methods such as social media and public relations. Building your following on online platforms allows Google to identify you as being trustworthy. Meanwhile, public relations generates back-links which makes you appear more elite. 

By working alongside a fully-integrated firm like our SEO agency near Romford, you benefit from the full-package. As well as developing your site, we can also aid with your social media profiles and public relations strategy for optimum results. 

Common SEO Mistakes 

With the process being so complex, there are plenty of things that people miss when working on their SEO. Below, we go into detail on some of the most common mistakes for you to avoid: 

Keyword Stuffing 

When you work with a specialist team, one of the first things they should do is research into popular keywords. A keyword or phrase is what someone may type into Google when searching for your services. These can be used throughout your blogs. They shouldn’t be too precise or equally, too broad. For example, the keyword for this blog is ‘SEO agency near Romford.’ 

Within a 1,000 words, you should aim to feature your chosen keyword around 5-6 times. This enables Google to know more about the content you are posting and will boost your SEO value. However, what people sometimes make the mistake of doing is including a keyword far too often. This makes content less organic and it can become boring to read. Moreover, keyword stuffing is widely condemned by search engines and frowned upon within SEO practise. This means that actually, including the keyword over and over could end up doing more damage than anything else. 

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As we touched on earlier, back links are generated through digital PR. These are when one website links to another like at the end of an article about your business, for instance. Google know that no credible source with a valued audience is going to promote an untrustworthy brand. Therefore, when a publisher features your business, your ranking will improve too. Remember, Google is all-seeing. 

However, there is such a thing as a negative or harmful back link. These usually come from illegitimate websites and can be really detrimental, your expert SEO team should be 

regularly checking for these and eliminating any that crop up. However unfortunately, these do tend to go unnoticed all too regularly. 

Copy + Paste 

Finally, copy and paste. Although this tool may be your best friend, when it comes to SEO, you should avoid at all costs. 

We get it, writing blogs daily and generating interesting content for your website can be tricky. Therefore, it can be all too tempting to simply reuse your older writing. Regardless, it is important that you avoid giving into temptation. Google know this is a technique that businesses may be willing to try. Therefore, this can be really damaging. 

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If you’re interested in boosting your revenue, search engine optimisation will provide a plentiful long-term strategy. When teamed with other marketing methods, there’s no reason you can’t be climbing to the forefront of your industry in not time. To find out more about our agency and how we can help you, get in touch. Just click here!