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At our SEO agency UK, we know how important it is to get your companies website right. Usually, a website is the first thing a customer will see of your brand. In order for people to see your website, you need to be at the top of the SERP (search engine results page). The way to do this is through SEO. We understand that SEO can be time consuming. It is not the main focus of your busines; however, the success of your website is minimal without it. VerriBerri are experts in implementing successful strategies and optimising client’s sites. 

As well as our SEO services, we offer other digital marketing services, including:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of streamlining your website, so you rank better on search engines. Google uses an algorithm to determine whether content on a site is useful to a user. There are guidelines set out and if your site meets them, you will be ranked higher on the SERP (search engine results page). Google uses bots called crawlers to index websites and decide if they contain anything useful. 

Why is SEO important?

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In a digital age, people have become impatient; everything must be at the touch of a button or at the tip of our fingers. How often have you clicked through to the second page of Google results? Not often. Improving your ranking on Google will allow you more chance to be within that crucial first page. In the past, our SEO agency UK clients have seen significant improvements in their organic traffic if they appear higher up the SERP.

People like to go with a familiar face; if your website is at the top of the SERP ranking next to household names, users are more likely to click. They see you as trustworthy and may become return customers. 

How to implement SEO 

It is not easy to implement strategies. If it was, our SEO agency UK would not exist. This level of optimisation requires skilled knowledge and cannot be learnt overnight. Not only do you need to understand the technical back-end elements, but you also need to write engaging content. This takes up valuable time, along with keeping up to date with algorithm changes. It is highly favourable to bring in a team of experts, like the one we have here at VerriBerri, to carry out your SEO for you.

We thought we would give a little taster of some of the ways SEO be implemented within your website: 

Keyword, spelling and sentences 

Content is one of the key parts of optimising your website for SEO purposes. It is one of the many on-site things you can change that will affect your ranking on the SERP. The structure of your sentences and watching your spelling are often overlooked.

Although there is no definitive stance from Google on spelling and grammar, errors will affect the readability of your content. If the user cannot read your content well, they are likely to exit your page shortly after clicking onto it. They will not view other pages, and this will negatively affect your bounce rate. A high bounce rate will alert Google that your site does not contain good information, therefore decreasing your SERP ranking.

Leisure centre website design and SEO Essex

Keywords and phrases can be inserted in content. These let the algorithm know what your content is about. For example, the keyword for this blog is ‘SEO agency UK’. You should use your keywords evenly throughout the blog to avoid keyword stuffing. Google will decrease your ranking if it suspects you are guilty of this. It also makes for an unpleasant reader experience.

Sentence structure is also important. Google likes to see a variety of sentence lengths. The ideal length is 20 syllables; however, this doesn’t have to be the only length you use. If 25% of your sentence are that length, it will still increase the SEO value of your content.

If you have ever read a blog on a website, you may have noticed the hyperlinks in the text. These lead to other pages on the website (usually a contact page or an about us page). These links need to be maintained as sometimes they can break. A broken link will put users off and may even cause you to lose a potential customer. 

This is not the only way. Links can be used to your advantage. Backlinks from other websites are a big part of SEO. These can be generated using PR. If you get credible sources and publications referencing your content and including links, Google will see you as a trustworthy source. The algorithm will recognise that you are an expert in your field and will rank you higher in the SERP.

Other SEO elements

Behind the scenes there are so many other SEO elements to think about. Meta-descriptions are what a user will see underneath your sit in the search results. You need to give a brief description of what a user can expect to find on your site. It should grab their attention for you to have a higher click through rate. The more people that click on your site, the higher Google will rank you as they see your site as useful.

The speed at which your website loads can also be a deciding factor for a user to stick around. Make sure you have fast loading speeds to avoid losing any potential customers to impatience. 

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SEO is a not an easy beast to tame. As an SEO agency UK VerriBerri can make all the difference to your website. If you are in need of an SEO strategy, our specialised team have 12 years of experience and are ready to assist your company. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today by clicking here or alternatively, you can contact our office on 01376 386 850.