SEO Colchester – the importance of technical SEO

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SEO Colchester – the importance of technical SEO

If you have recently searched the key phrase SEO Colchester, then you might be in need of some local SEO expert advice. VerriBerri are an SEO agency based near Colchester. We can boost your SERP rankings using the skills and knowledge of our skilled SEO team. Our team have worked with a multitude of companies across the world to adapt their websites and make them SEO friendly. There are many sub-categories to SEO. However, one that often gets forgotten about due to its complexity, is the technical elements.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a category within SEO that focuses on the intricacies of your website. This includes the technical elements of your site like sitemaps, URL’s, page speed and site navigation. Ensuring your website is technically optimised will increase your ranking and greatly improve the amount of organic traffic you receive. Fine tuning these elements will ensure your website is functioning when a user tries to access it.  

Website Speed

It might seem like a given, but website speed is listed as one of the top SEO factors. It can be the difference between someone staying on your website or leaving. If a page hasn’t loaded within seconds, people are likely to click away and find another page that will load faster. If you are ranking for ‘SEO Colchester’ but your loading speed is terrible, you are likely to lose out to the next website on the SERP.

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To improve your loading speed, you can do a couple of things. Ensure the templates of your website is simple. Overcomplicating it can not only make your page look busy, but will increase the load speed. In this case, less is more. If you have any additional things on your website, such as plugins or widgets, this also take up load time. Try not to have too many on one page. The more elements that there are, the longer the load time is. Adjusting image sizes and limiting the number of redirects that are installed also helps. Multiple redirects will impact the loading speeds negatively and you should try and ensure you only have one redirect per page. 

Making it Mobile Friendly

Arguably, this is equally as important as your websites loading speed. This element of technical SEO was added in 2015 and since then, it has played an important role in how Google ranks sites on the SERP. You must check to see if your website is mobile friendly, and if not, you need to work towards making it so. Almost everyone owns a smart phone. The majority of Google searches are no longer done from desktop computers. Not including a mobile version of your site not only effects your SEO, but can also damage the user-friendly abilities of your site. If your website is hard to navigate, people will click off, resulting in a high bounce rate.

The official term for internal linking is Siloing. Siloing content allows you to establish a network of connections on your internal pages. Internally linking is important to the visibility of older articles and other pages within your website. You can do this within blogs that you post in order to draw attention to other pages such as the contact us page or the services you offer. 


HTTPS, or hypertext transfer protocols, are something Google has made clear effects your SEO. The search engine doesn’t usually announce elements of its SEO checklist, it is normally left for SEO experts to work out, but this one was added to the official list in 2014. Although it’s not known directly what the advantage of it is, sites that have HTTPS are able to identify the direct traffic source. They also add an element of security to your page, so even if they don’t directly improve your sites SEO, it’ll still be worthwhile.

Why is technical SEO important?

These little elements are just as important as surface level SEO; without them, you are going to pay the price with your rankings. Search engines are good at crawling websites, however, they are not perfect, and the technical aspects can just give that extra helping hand in indexing your site. The technical elements also tie in heavily with the user experience. If the user of your website isn’t having a good time, it’s likely they will find somewhere else to get their information or services. This can lead to loss of potential sales and customers, and will lead to a decrease in your organic traffic due to the increased bounce rate. 

Looking for SEO Colchester?

If you have been searching for ‘SEO Colchester’ and VerriBerri have appeared at the top of your SERP, then it’s a sign we’re doing the right thing with our SEO. It is also a good sign that we know what we’re doing when it comes to all subcategories of SEO, whether that be technical, on site or off site. 

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SEO in all forms takes years to master, especially the technical elements. This is why agencies like VerriBerri exist. Our experienced SEO team can ensure all areas of your website are up to the latest algorithm standards. We can also streamline your website, optimising it in line with the algorithm so that it runs quickly and with no issues. This will not only appease the search engine algorithms, but also provide an all-round better user experience for anyone visiting your website. 

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