What can a SEO consultancy firm do for you?

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What can a SEO consultancy firm do for you?

Have you ever wondered what an SEO consultancy firm can do to improve your current marketing strategy? If the answer is yes, then wonder no longer. Here at VerriBerri, an SEO consultancy firm in Essex, we provide SEO services with proven results. 

Our experts have been working in the SEO field for over 12 years and have the necessary skills to take your website to the next level. In this blog, we’re going to talk more about why you need a company like VerriBerri and what we can do for you.

What is an SEO consultancy firm?

Typically, a consultant is an expert on a certain subject. As such they will give advice and guidance to businesses that need it. An SEO consultancy firm will assist your business with search engine optimisation to help your website rank higher on the SERP (search engine results page). This allows you to increase the organic traffic you receive and rank above your competitors. In turn, this will convert into sales and customers. Here at VerriBerri, we can offer purely consultancy or full SEO management services.

Tracking Google updates 

When it comes to running a business, you only have a certain amount of time available. It’s likely that SEO will not be something you factor into your schedule. Streamlining your website to ensure you get the best results can take up a lot of time. It involves numerous steps (and changes) so you may not have time to focus on it.

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One of these things will involve keeping up to date with Google’s algorithm changes. It is estimated that Google make changes 500 to 600 times a year. Some of these are significant and easily noticeable, however, the majority are more like tweaks and will not affect as much. SEO consultancy firms have been dealing with these alterations for many years. As such, our experts know exactly what to implement when a new algorithm is released. The team here at VerriBerri are always keeping an eye out for new criteria and we will adjust your content and strategy accordingly to ensure you don’t drop in the rankings. 

Conduct keyword research 

One of the most important parts of SEO is the content you produce. Any writing that goes onto your website is counted as content. Blogs are a very useful component to SEO and can make a lot of difference to your ranking on the SERP, but only if they are written and optimised correctly. You shouldn’t create content for the sake of creating content. Instead, you need to conduct research. 

Keywords and phrases should be included throughout your content. An SEO consultancy firm can carry out this research for you, then deciphering which keywords and phrases you should be using. These keywords are highly likely to be related to your niche and industry. They may also be words your competitors are also ranking for. This way, if you include these in your content, you will start to rank alongside, and eventually above, your competitors, giving you a higher chance of getting clicks instead of them.

Using specialist keyword software, VerriBerri can track how well your keywords are performing. This allows us to analyse the data and make better decisions for further content. At the end of each month, you will receive a keyword report so you can also see the direction you are going in. We will work with you to identify higher priority keywords and include those more frequently in further content. 

Deal with technical elements

As we have mentioned, SEO can get technical. You need to make sure that both your on and off-site SEO is up to date and in-line with the aforementioned algorithm requirements. 

On-site SEO can include things such as meta tags and descriptions. These refer to the meta data on your website. Meta data is the information that provides intelligence about aspects of a website. When we talk about this data in SEO terms, we are talking about the description that displays on Google, and the tags that you attach to any images. Meta descriptions have to be short and sweet. They should contain the same focus keyword as the blog post or page and should tell the user exactly what they need to know before choosing the click through. The meta description could be the difference between someone clicking on your website link and choosing to go to a competitor’s site.

Working with VerriBerri 

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There are many reasons why you might need to use experts for your SEO. SEO is a difficult beast to tame. It can take years and years of practice and there are many complex and technical elements. Companies like VerriBerri have been dealing with SEO for years. This has meant our team have the appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure your website is meeting all the algorithm criteria. We can do this whilst also adhering to your brand values and tone of voice. 

Not only do we work with SEO, but we also have other digital marketing services available. These include social media marketing, public relations (PR), event management, graphic design, and business development. Our team can work together to produce a cohesive marketing strategy that includes skilled SEO services. The different departments we have all work in the same office to allow us to work collaboratively. VerriBerri’s SEO team work closely with the PR team to gain backlinks in online publications. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO, and many SEO consultancy firms don’t offer PR services alongside their search engine optimisations services. 

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SEO can be the difference between your website slipping to the second page of the Google SERP and getting more traffic. It can often be forgotten when it comes to marketing, but it is arguably a vital cog in the machine. If VerriBerri sounds like the perfect fit for you, why not get in touch with us today? Alternatively you can call us on 01376 376 850 Our team are on hand to help you and we can start discussing your strategy today!