SEO Consultants in Essex: 3 Top Tips for Optimising Your Content

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SEO Consultants in Essex: 3 Top Tips for Optimising Your Content

If you’re looking to take your marketing one step further in the New Year, SEO consultants in Essex are a must-have!

At VerriBerri, we have specialised in digital marketing since 2009. During this time, we have been lucky enough to work alongside some amazing clients. From playing our part in the launch of JoJo Siwa’s fragrance, right through to working alongside new chains of restaurants.

With almost 13 years of experience under our belts and multiple awards to our name, it’s safe to say that we know all about generating exposure. Regardless of your niche or where your business sits in its lifecycle, we’re here to help you grow!

SEO – What is it and how it works

If you feel a little lost whenever anyone mentions SEO, don’t worry, it’s safe to say that you’re not the only ones! This area of marketing is one that usually trips people up simply due to its technical nature. Despite this, SEO really is a great way to generate results quickly, making this method a vital clog within your strategy.

Starting from scratch, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is a process that your website can undergo to better align itself with Googles algorithm. The more time you dedicate on this, the higher you will rank on the search engine results page, also known as the SERP. 

Research suggests that the top-ranking site on the SERP receives 31.7% of all traffic. Of course, this only emphasises the importance of working on your SEO. What’s more, if you are able to position higher than your competitors, it’s likely that you are going to receive more traffic than them too, helping you on your quest to becoming a market leader!

Google Digital Garage

The Google algorithm helps the search engine to determine which content a user sees. What’s more, it also helps them to decide the order in which it appears too. This was built so that Google could ensure they were offering the best experience possible for their users. The algorithm is essentially a checklist full of criteria that every ‘good’ website should have.

There are thousands of ways you can optimise your website so that it is more visible on the SERP. These include the likes of…

  • Improving the loading speed of your website
  • Compressing image file sizes
  • Accruing good quality backlinks
  • Generating alternative text (alt tags)
  • Optimising your website for mobile device viewing
  • Developing meta descriptions
  • Content creation (blog posts, landing pages, and website copy)

To find out how Google rank your website, click here for more from our SEO consultants in Essex.

How to improve the impact of your content 

As we mentioned earlier, content creation is a key way to improve your SEO value. In fact, arguably, this is one of the most successful ways to boost your ranking. This being said, there’s a lot more to it than just writing. 

Below, we detail a few key rules that you need to be sticking to when creating content…

Tip 1: Create valuable content

When people visit your website, it’s usually because they want to know more about you and what it is that you specialise in. With this in mind, it’s important that you are creating content that is informative. It’s also vital that you don’t give too much away either. Afterall, if you tell them all your secrets, they may no longer require your help!

Although it may be tempting to make your blog content salesy, it’s important that this isn’t all that you’re focussed on. There’s a time and a place for it. Instead, use your platform to educate consumers and show your expertise. You can always include the odd CTA (call to action) if you feel you need that extra push!

Tip 2: Utilise keywords

If we’re being honest, content without keywords isn’t content worth having. 

The term ‘keyword’ refers to any popular term or phrase that the general public may search for on Google. For example, ‘SEO consultants in Essex.’ There are thousands of keywords out there that you may find relate well to your business. To begin with, choose a handful of these to focus on. Using these throughout your blogs, landing pages, and website copy tells Google what it is that your content is about. Providing your site uses these correctly, you should begin ranking higher under these keywords over time.

Tip 3: It’s all about the sentence lengths

For Google to recommend your website, the information on your page needs to be palatable. Afterall, if a visitor is unable to digest your content, they’re just going to click off and go elsewhere. Not only does this negatively impact Google, but it will also increase your bounce rate too, hurting your websites credibility.

One of the easiest ways you can ensure good readability is through your sentence length. As a rule of thumb, only a certain percentage of your sentences can afford to be over 20 words. Trust us when we say that this is easier said than done! 

Why do I need the help of SEO consultants in Essex?

With the economy the way it is, it’s only natural that you’re looking for ways to boost your sales without having to spend money. However, as any specialist marketing agency will tell you, it’s never advisable to attempt your own SEO. Not only does this task take real dedication, but it also requires years of hands-on experience too.

Essex SEO agency

When it comes to writing content regularly, it’s not always easy to keep the fresh ideas flowing. Having said this, it’s important that what you put out is unique if you want to keep people engaged. If you’re struggling for inspiration and have hit a bit of a wall, our SEO consultants are always on standby to help! As a close-knit team and one of the biggest marketing agencies in the South East, we are constantly brainstorming to ensure our clients get nothing but the best! If you’re running a little dry, we’ve got you covered!

Additionally, as specialists in SEO for over a decade, our consultants are well versed in helping our clients identify the right keywords to target. Not only will our expertise improve your results overall, but it will also save you a lot of time and money too. What’s more, if you’ve found yourself spinning too many plates at once, handing over this task to the professionals will give you more time to dedicate to what you do best!

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