SEO for Architects: Google’s ranking factors

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SEO for Architects: Google’s ranking factors

At VerriBerri, we have 12 years’ worth of experience in providing SEO for Architects. The market is forever changing and it’s vital you stay on top of SEO for your business. We understand that it can seem overwhelming, that’s why our dedicated team are to help you. We can maximise the SEO value of your website to improve your rankings in the SERP.

As well as our award-winning SEO services, we also offer a range of other digital marketing services including:

  • Public Relations. (PR) 
  • Crisis management.
  • Social media management. (SMM)
  • Graphic design – brand graphics, web development and branding.
  • Business Development.
  • Event management.

What is SEO?

To be able to use SEO successfully, you need to understand what it is. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the technique of optimising a website to make it more favourable to the algorithm, thus increasing your position on the results page. This process has been around for many years but with the rise of the digital age, SEO is now an indispensable marketing strategy. 

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SEO focuses on organic clicks to your page. There is another form of search engine marketing called PPC, but this does not produce organic results. At our digital marketing agency, we specialise in SEO for Architects, and we can provide long term changes to the amount of traffic that your website receives. This can include using PPC, however as PPC is non-organic, it usually results in a traffic spike and isn’t ideal for retaining a customer base. 

In a nutshell, you need to improve your website by including all the elements that the Google algorithm looks for. These are used to rank your website and allow Google to determine if your site contains useful information or not. The more of these criteria you meet, the more likely Google will recommend your content to a user searching when they type a query into the search bar. Google’s job is to best help the user with the question and if it thinks your website can do that, it will move it higher up the SERP. 

Google’s algorithm

When it comes to SEO for Architects, you have to know what specifics Google is looking for within your website. Search engines use bots called crawlers to scan webpages continuously. They look for certain things and also follow any URLs to discover new pages. Once a page or website has been crawled, it will be indexed. The algorithm then tries to categorise them.

Once your website has been indexed, when a query is searched, Google will go through the index and suggest the sites it believes contains the most relevant information. This particular algorithm takes into account the relevance of pages, quality of content and useability of the page. 

Ranking Factors

If you are looking to get to a higher position on the SERP, you must include key ranking factors. All of them need to be looked at in detail, but there are a couple that should be a main focus when improving SEO for Architects.

Optimised content

Any content you write on your page must have a high SEO value. It must also be totally unique and updated regularly. Crawlers are consistently looking through webpages and indexing them based on new and updated content. 

Including keywords within your writing helps the algorithm to determine the relevancy of your webpage. Determining focus keywords can help your content take direction and will allow you to better understand what users are looking for. If you want to be higher up in the SERP rankings, try to avoid keyword stuffing. Google marks this a spammy content and may penalise you for it. It also creates an unpleasant user experience for the reader as it tends to make content unreadable.

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Sentence structure can often get forgotten when you are optimising content. You must include a variety of sentence lengths as this will demonstrate your content is high quality. To determine if your content flows well, you should read it aloud. Add commas where you take breaths and, remember to mix up the sentence lengths. The optimal sentence length is 20 syllables but not every sentence has to fit this, it’s just a guide. Working on finessing sentence structure provides higher SEO value and a better reader experience overall. A user is more likely to stay on your website if you content is readable and easy to understand.

Backlinks are vital when focusing on SEO for Architects. These are links to your site from other websites. They are a significant factor in the algorithm deciding if your website can be trusted. They act as a vote of confidence, especially if your links are credited by another valued source. When a website credits your link, the link must be relevant to the topic of the content it’s mentioned in and be from an authoritative website. The content must be unique, and the link must be placed near the top of the main body of the text. There are also other types of links such as internal links. These are links within your website that link to other pages on your site, for example a contact page.

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SEO isn’t something that can be learnt overnight and the elements we have spoken about here are just the tip of the iceberg. Properly utilising and fully understanding the core elements can sometimes take years. At VerriBerri, we understand it can take up a good portion of time to improve your website to get it rating higher in the SERP. This does improve the organic traffic, however, dedicating time can sometime distract you from your main responsibilities. We can help alleviate the pressure on your business, by handling your SEO needs for you.

VerriBerri’s technologically minded team are experts in SEO for architects and we’re ready to help you with a tailored strategy for your business. If your business could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.