SEO for Construction Companies

SEO for Construction Companies

SEO for Construction Companies

Here at VerriBerri, we have an entire team specialising in SEO for construction companies. Our technical knowledge combined with industry experience from members of the team, blend together to bring you the perfect strategy. No matter what area of the construction industry you’re operating in, we have the skillset to boost you to the top of the SERP. If this sounds like everything you need and more, you’ve come to the right place.

How SEO Will Add Value to Your Construction Business

Unfortunately for you, the construction industry is a saturated market. This means it can be hard to gain traction and be seen by the relevant people. Whether you’re targeting a B2B or B2C market, without your customers, you would have no business.

Whilst SEO is what we’re here to discuss overall, it’s important that we touch on a few other things first. Like how employing more than one aspect of marketing is more efficient. Whilst the initial cost may be higher, this is guaranteed to bring you a better ROI. The good news for you here is that other companies in the industry utilising social media or PR don’t seem to it very well. This means that bringing a team in who specialise in construction marketing, like ourselves, will make all the difference. 

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Lots of companies within this sector rely heavily on SEO. This is because when looking for construction services, the first thing you do is turn to the internet. SEO is the process that a website undergoes in order to make it rank better. This is important because it’s reported that 75% of people never venture past the first three results. This means that in order for your business to be seen, you need to be implementing an SEO strategy. SEO will add value to your business through the form of driving traffic to your site. If people are then impressed by what they see, this is going to convert into sales.

As well as the above, SEO also helps to improve your websites user experience. Aspects of SEO such as formatting your content or improving the fluidity of your website can help positively impact your reputation. If people have a good first interaction with you as a brand, they’re more likely to remember you and come back for more. 

How SEO for Construction Companies Works

SEO can be an incredibly tricky thing to wrap your head around so let’s keep things quite simple. In order to satisfy Google, you need to be clued up on their algorithm. This is essentially a list of criteria that the search engine follow to determine who ranks. It was created so that they could determine the most useful information from the rest. Ease of access for the general public is one of Google’s main priorities. This means that they’re only interested in boosting content that they know will be helpful to their consumers. In order to rank better, you first need to prove to Google that you’re worthy. 

In order to keep track of how optimised your site is, they carry out a process called indexing. Simply put, this is where they send out spiders to crawl your website. These then come back and indicate how many boxes you’ve ticked, or not, in terms of the algorithm. 

Let’s look more closely at what exactly affects SEO for construction companies:

Content Factors

The content you put out has a huge impact on your SEO value. By featuring keywords within your text, you’re highlighting to Google what a piece of information is about. This way, they can better determine where you fit within the algorithm. Now Google knows what your content is about through your keywords, they’re more likely to promote your website. It’s important to note however, you cannot keyword stuff, the content needs to be valuable and add context and knowledge, showing value. 

Naturally, nothing is ever quite as simple as that. As well as using content and making sure your content is frequent, there are lots of other things Google wants you to consider. Your bounce rate is also taken into consideration when it comes to determining your ranking. Essentially, this is the percentage of people who click off after just viewing one page. In other words, people who weren’t ‘wowed’ straight away. If your content isn’t what they reader wanted to see, if it isn’t valuable, that can affect your bounce rate. The higher this is, the lower you’ll rank. This is because this flags to Google as an indicator that there must be something wrong with your content. The above being said, it’s important you make it a main focal point to keep this down. 

According to Google’s algorithm, sentences over twenty words are harder for the reader to digest. Therefore, in order to keep your bounce rate low and satisfy the platform, no more than 20% of your sentences should be verging over this limit. Similarly, although Google haven’t either confirmed or denied this theory, it’s thought that poor spelling and grammar can hurt your SEO value. It’s certainly not a direct factor but it can make your construction company appear lazy and unprofessional. If your content is featuring mistakes frequently, you run the risk of people clicking off. As well as your SEO, this is guaranteed to damage your reputation further down the line. 

Back-End Factors

In addition, there are lots of back-end factors that affect SEO for construction companies. One of your main concerns should be the speed in which your site is running at. It’s thought that websites that takes two seconds longer than average to load see a 50% increase in bounce rate. 

It’s no secret that we take our mobile phones everywhere with us. The convenience of being able to search the internet on your phone is something we benefit from on a daily basis. Despite this, you’d be surprised at how many websites aren’t yet optimised for this kind of viewing. Being stuck in the past can have a really detrimental impact. Seeing as Google want to make our lives easier; they favour sites that also have a mobile device version. 

Other on-site factors to consider whilst in the back end include writing meta descriptions and compressing file sizes. What’s more, you should also be ensuring you fix any broken links. Pointing people in the direction of, well, nothing, isn’t helpful.  

Other Contributors

Believe it or not, social media and PR have many other benefits than just improving your visibility as a brand. Both of these areas of marketing can also play a part in determining your trustworthiness. If you’re able to establish a following, and importantly, engagement, on the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn, this will stand out. Similarly, gaining back links through digital PR also puts you in good stead if they come from a quality source. Each of these attributes help Google to feel more comfortable when it comes to boosting your position on the SERP.

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The bottom line is, SEO for construction companies is going to be vital step in your growth and success. If you’re not implementing any kind of optimisation, you’re going to be holding your brand back. Why not make 2021 your year by investing in your website? For more information regarding what we can do for you, you can get in touch by clicking here. Alternatively, you can catch us on 01376 386 850.