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SEO For Engineering Companies

Like all other businesses, SEO for engineering companies is vital. An excellent website is a crucial cog in any marketing plan, regardless of the industry. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key component in this. If you do not put a drive on your SEO, then put simply, potential clients won’t be able to find you. Without SEO, you’ll struggle to keep up with your competitors. 

Our Essex agency specialise in SEO for engineering companies across the UK. We can help you to improve your rankings on search engines like Google and get noticed by new customers, gaining more business and increasing your income in the process. 

How Does It Work?

Our SEO and PR team work closely with each other on these projects. Our SEO for engineering companies is intrinsically linked with PR because of the importance that search engines (namely Google) place in high-quality links that drive the reputation and trustworthiness of your website. 

As such, there are three strands to SEO that need to be carried out in order to guarantee an excellent result for your brand. These are contenttechnical SEO and PR


There’s content, and then there’s contentWhen you’re executing a successful SEO strategy for your engineering brand, it’s imperative that it’s the latter. You have probably heard the adage ‘content is king’, a phrase coined by SEO specialists worldwide. Content stands for any information that lives on the internet and it could be video, images, audio or written. SEO content is the goal of putting these two concepts together in order to attract the right kind of traffic to your website. 

We can’t possibly tell you everything you need to do, because not only is it an incredibly complex practice, but it’s also a discipline that changes on an exceedingly regular basis. What we can say is that well-written, informative content is extremely valuable when looking to increase your rankings on search engines. You should structure the content in a manner that is SEO-friendly, adhering to the guidelines issued by the major search engines.

You need to know what keywords you’re working with, where to place them in the text and the length and content of the written piece. If you are using video content, you can use YouTube to your advantage, as it’s owned by Google. Click here for an entire article based around how your website’s SEO can benefit from video content. 

Types Of SEO Content 

As touched on above, there are many ways in which you can put your content across, but let’s try and break this down a bit further with a few examples: 


Pages are the bread and butter of any and every website. They explain your products or services and show people exactly what you have to offer. Pages and blogs will both rank but as pages have better internal linking, they tend to rank for longer. Your blogs will come off of your pages, but ideally internal links should run in both directions. 


Writing regular blog posts is the best way to create a regular stream of content. We advise anyone carrying out SEO for engineering companies to blog at least once a week but we cannot stress enough how that really is the bare minimum. As a company, we write blog posts every single day. These posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words too, for best SEO practice. 


This is where PR really comes into its own; it could be a news article and interview, or a full-length feature.


An infographic is a visual compromising of text and imagery, and which explains a topic. Typically, this leans heavily on data and statistics. However, when using this for SEO, as the words are embedded into the image and not the page or blog itself, you need to carefully optimise the page and content around the infographic, itself. 

These are just a handful of the basic types of content that can aid a great SEO strategy when implementing SEO for engineering companies.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO, as with any SEO, is a vast topic. We can explain the basics here today, though. Technical SEO covers components from page load speed to Javascript.

Try and imagine your website as a process or activity you undertake every day, perhaps getting in the car? You’ll always take the most direct route to this. Getting up and dressed, collecting your belongings and getting in the car through the nearest door. An inefficient website would work by getting up, getting half dressed, taking belongings to the car through the furthest exit door, coming back in the hours, meandering for a while, finishing getting dressed then return to the car, again through the longest route. 

Your website needs to be structured in a straightforward and intuitive manner. It needs to be streamlined, enabling users to have a positive experience whilst on the site. 

Furthermore, the site should be open to Google and other search engines crawling it. Nobody is going to see your website if Google can’t! You need to make sure that your robots meta directives (often known as meta tags) are correctly set up, so that your site is crawled in the way you want it to be.

Then, there are the links on your site. They should all be live and, importantly, not point to any non-existent locations. When people arrive at the destination, the content should be unique. This isn’t always something you will know, however. Due to technical reasons, different URLS can show the same content – this needs to be resolved quickly! 

There are plenty more aspects to technical SEO we could cover, but the important thing is that you use an experienced agency who have a background in SEO for engineering companies, in order to get the best from your website. 

How Does PR Link To SEO?

Great PR is imperative when implementing any SEO strategy. PR has a significant impact on your SEO performance, arguably higher than any other medium or technique! PR offers links to your website from high-authority media outlets, in turn indicating to Google and other search engines that you’re worth ranking. After all, if people are talking about you, then the chances are you’re offering something of value. Click here to read an article about the importance of links for your SEO strategy

For years, we’ve seen established brands rank better than independents on Google. This is primarily because, due to their size and reputation, Google knows they can be trusted… even if it just so happens that you provide a better service or product! It’s a cruel world out there!

If your brand is being mentioned all over the internet, then Google comes closer to trusting you. So, one of the ways you can recover a slice of that highly sought-after pie is to show Google that you too are worth featuring in publications. This is something our team excel in, from industry-specific trade publications to the international media outlets. 

PR also increases conversion rates. After publication, don’t be shy to put a banner on your website proclaiming you were featured in X,Y, or Z media outlet. When people are dithering over a purchase, they’re more likely to convert if they can see your accolades and know you’re reputable. 

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